There’s a bra liner that stops you sweating – and people are loving it

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  • Summer is definitely here, and whilst it comes with lots of fun things like days out on the beach, BBQs and cocktails in the garden, we also end up sweating way more than we’d like.

    Boob sweat is something that every woman struggles with; it’s incredibly uncomfortable and frankly, gross.

    It’s even worse when you wake up first thing too, after trying to sleep in the sticky heat. But thankfully, this genius product could help to banish boob sweat!

    But an £20 bra liner has taken the internet by storm, with Amazon customers giving it rave reviews.

    Easylife Womens Cotton Bra Liner comes in a pack of two, and is a bargain at just £19.99.

    Simply place the liner under your bra band, and it’ll absorb all the sweat to avoid discomfort and sweat patches.

    bra liner

    Credit: Amazon

    SHOP NOW: Easylife Womens Cotton Bra Liner, £19.99, Amazon

    They’re reusable too, as all you have to do is hand wash with a little detergent then leave them to air dry. Simple!

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    Apparently they’re ‘the perfect way to stay dry and comfortable around the clock’, but do they actually work?

    According to shoppers – the answer is yes! The liners have 57 reviews from customers, averaging at 4 out of 5.

    One wrote, ‘These under bust liners are the best thing ever. If you suffer from sweating under the bust and soreness these are perfect. I was suffering quite badly and these work so well, dry all the time no soreness. Well worth the money.’

    Another added, ‘Amazing and solved a very difficult problem. I was so sore beneath my boobs and had tried everything I could, but these solved the issue.’

    A third wrote, ‘These have been a godsend for me ..I have very sensitive skin and bras can really irritate my skin especially where the elastic is…these have made wearing a bra more comfortable would definitely recommend and they wash well.’

    And a fourth added, ‘So glad I found these. Easy to wear. Tucks under bra easily. Stays in place. Much more comfortable in the heat.’

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