How often you should be cleaning households appliances

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  • Most of us are particular about making sure that we keep our homes clean - but how often you should be cleaning household appliances?

    The nation’s recent fascination with Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, who recently announced her new book, has reiterated that, whether it’s regular upkeep or a sporadic once-over, we all like to keep our houses sparkly clean.

    But what most of us don’t think about are the nooks and crannies we tend to overlook as we desperately try to keep on top of the housework.

    Cleaning hacks for every part of your home

    Thankfully, a professional cleaner has highlighted those most commonly forgotten spots in the house.

    ‘Many of these things that you would assume people would be doing, they are not,’ Rita Dossis, owner of Australian professional cleaning service Maid in Melbourne, told Australian property website Domain.

    ‘Sometimes they look at the bigger picture and don’t notice the little things that need doing.’

    According to Rita, the most forgotten places in the house when it comes to cleaning are door and cupboard handles, light switches, the shower and the microwave.

    Handles and switches are some of the most-touched surfaces in the house, so should be cleaned regularly to get rid of any germs that have built up.

    Rita suggests wiping them with a damp cloth to get rid of any dirt.

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    When it comes to your shower, Rita says that it’s actually one of the most neglected parts of the home because people presume that it cleans itself.

    ‘Clean this at least fortnightly,’ she says, ‘it keeps mould at bay and is much more pleasant to step into a clean shower.

    cleaner reveals dirty parts of home

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    ‘We had a client who thought his shower glass was opaque,’ she added, ‘after we cleaned it [spending over one hour on it] he called us to say he had not realised the glass was clear.’

    And as for your microwave? Rita says it couldn’t be easier to give it a quick cleanse.

    ‘Get a small bowl, put about one cup of water in it with maybe ½ cup white vinegar and then put on high for 4-5 minutes,’ she said. ‘Leave it for about 10-15 minutes, then open the door and wipe it out.’

    cleaner reveals dirty parts of home

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    How often you should be cleaning household appliances

    The business owner even revealed how often you should be washing household appliances and surfaces:

    • Sink: Daily
    • Worktops: Daily
    • Floor: Daily (minimum once a week)
    • Appliance surfaces: Once a week (including fridge doors, toaster and coffee maker)
    • Drain: Monthly (with baking soda and table salt)
    • Splashback: Monthly
    • Cutting boards: Monthly
    • Fridge coils: Every three to six months
    • Oven racks: Every three to six months (minimum once a year)

    Think it might be time for a spring clean!

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