Mum praises 99p hayfever wipes for helping with her son's symptoms

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Despite the warmer weather, many of us dread the summer months as it brings back all those nasty hayfever symptoms. Nobody looks forward to tickly throats, itchy eyes and sneezing!

But one mum has found a bargain hayfever remedy from The Range, and she’s claimed that it’s helped to ease her son’s symptoms.

Taking to Facebook, Margaret McInnes shared some photos of the wipes that she’s been swearing by.

Margaret wrote, ‘Scott’s suffered awful hayfever since he was 3 - his eyes would be swollen shut.

‘Tried absolutely everything over the years. Eye drops / nose sprays - lots of different pills. Nothing worked.

‘Showering 4/5/6 times a day to get pollen off him. I can’t hang his clothes or bedding on washing line.'

She added, ‘Anyway! These wipes which we discovered last year help loads! They’ve given him his life back!!! You can buy them online - Amazon think sell them for £3/4 a packet - but Savers sell them for 99p.

‘Anyone you know who suffers from this - get some packs of these wipes.’

The wipes, from the company Nuage, contain 30 wipes per packet and are suitable for use on the face and hands.

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They’re available in-store from Savers and The Range for 99p, but they can also be ordered online via Amazon for a higher price if you’d prefer to get them delivered.

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According to the back of the packet, these wipes also work for dust and pet allergies as well as hayfever symptoms.

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Margaret’s post has been shared over 200 times, with many people keen to try them out for themselves.

Replying to a comment, she revealed that the wipes had made a ‘massive difference’ for her son, who had suffered badly with hayfever for 18 years.

Will you be trying these wipes? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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