If all you want for Mothers Day is a good night's sleep, then these bath time sets are here to grant your wish (you can thank us later)

If you're tired mum with a baby, these bath time sets will ensure you both get a restful night's sleep

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As any new parent knows, it can be nigh on impossible to get enough sleep in those first few months (or let's be honest, first couple of years). So make sure you check out these sets to help prepare your little one and yourself for a restful night's sleep.

When you've got a new baby at home, the lack of sleep can be really difficult to manage, so you might try to establish a newborn sleep schedule, but even as they grow, you will often be asking yourself when babies sleep through the night.

Even when you think your child has nailed sleeping through, there is always the various sleep regression ages that can keep you, and your little one, up at night. And while you might have tried various sleep aids, there are other things you can try to help get a decent night's sleep.

Take for example this new Childs Farm X Sanctuary Spa Mum & Baby Set, which makes a great Mother's Day gift, by the way. The set contains three products from the Childs Farm Slumbertime routine range, including a bath soak, calming massage lotion (both suitable for newborns) and sleep mist (suitable from six months). Scented with lavender and moon milk, the products are designed to combine sleep-enhancing fragrance technology with nourishing ingredients, perfect for precious skin. Sounds pretty perfect right?

But on top of that, the set also includes a couple of products for a tired mum who needs a bit of relaxation and pampering (don't we all!) The Sanctuary Spa Shower Oil and Body Butter, feature a blend of jasmine, violet and sandalwood that is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster. Utter bliss!

But we've also found these three other sets that will see you relaxed and ready for a good night's kip, whether that's helping you mellow out after a full on day running around after the kids, or helping your little one drift of into a peaceful slumber so you can get some much-needed grown up time.

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