Johnny Vegas reveals the secrets behind his incredible five stone weight loss journey

He’s known for being ‘larger than life’ but Johnny has amazed fans with his recent weight loss, and it turns out there’s a simple strategy behind it.

Johnny Vegas on Loose Women
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He’s known for being ‘larger than life’ but Johnny Vegas has amazed fans with his recent weight loss, and it turns out there’s a simple strategy behind it.

This week, the comedian spoke about his weight loss on Loose Women, revealing that he had lost an incredible five stone without going on a diet ‘in any way whatsoever’.

But luckily he did give away a few of his secrets to all the viewers itching to find out how he did it. And it turns out his strategy was actually surprisingly simple.

So how did Johnny Vegas lose weight?

Change your lifestyle

Johnny revealed that he had cut out bread and cheese as part of his new healthy lifestyle.

Johnny Vegas

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He told the Loose Women panel that when you frame your food choices as a lifestyle change, and not as a diet, ‘then you can live with it and you don’t feel like you are denying yourself anything – apart from cheese!’

Johnny has been sharing pictures of his new healthy meal choices on Twitter.

Give yourself a break

But falling off the wagon and giving yourself a ‘cheat’ day now and again can actually help you sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Johnny allows himself to eat cheese for a week or so when he’s on holiday. He spoke about a Twitter post showing an enormous plate of chips loaded with toppings on This Morning, confessing: ‘I was on holiday, and I fancied chips with cheese and bacon and BBQ sauce.’

Know why you’re doing it

Johnny explained that losing his dad to cancer spurred him on to change his lifestyle, as he wanted to be there for his own children later on.

‘If you had a good parent and you miss them, your responsibility then is to hopefully try and be a decent parent to your own children – and be around,’ he said.

Johnny Vegas pre-weight loss

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Johnny Vegas has two children. He split from TV presenter and producer Maia Dunphy in 2017, but they are thought to have got back together late last year.

Having a good reason to commit to a healthier lifestyle will help you maintain your motivation when the going gets tough.

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