10 HiFi meditation playlists that will take you to another level of immersive relaxation

Meditation, woman meditating by listening to music
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Meditation just got real after Deezer launched its Top 10 Meditation playlists to listen to in HiFi.

Meditation playlists are proving to be more popular than ever before - but as we seek out the perfect place to practice there’s a simple subscription that will make meditation hassle-free.

We all know how tricky it can be to find a quiet corner of your home that’s completely distraction-free, whether the TV is on, the pets are wanting attention or there’s something that is simply not drowning out the background noise enough for you to completely relax.

But fear not as Deezer has launched a top 10 playlist in HiFi sound (high fidelity) setting as part of its subscription package - for £14.99 a month and it is literally a haven for zoning out and reducing anxiety (opens in new tab).

Forget hearing the rain outside, you’ll be immersed in a tropical shower so inclusive that you’ll wake up and wonder why you’re not soaking. 

Girl meditating by listening to Deezer

With a 206% increase of meditation playlists in the last year alone, Deezer has pulled together its Top 10 picks, so you don’t have to waste time finding the right tracks to give you the most Zen for your money!

Meditation - Top 10 HiFi playlists on Deezer

  1. Mystical (opens in new tab) - Deezer’s wellbeing channel, Peace of Mind (opens in new tab), features music to get you into the ultimate chill-out zone and this is among the top three.
  2. The Sound of Rain (opens in new tab) - This sleep aid content ranks highly, especially when we’re all struggling to sleep at night.
  3. Yoga & Meditation (opens in new tab) - If it’s relaxation tracks you’re after then this is the place to start.
  4. Finnish Sauna (opens in new tab) - create the atmosphere as if you've travelled to Finland without having to fly, quarantine or leave your front room.
  5. Nature Sounds  (opens in new tab) - perfect if your home is more urban than the countryside and you're longing for the sound of nature.
  6. Cinematic Zen (opens in new tab) - If your a fan of dramatic blockbuster soundtracks then this playlist will transport you into another galaxy.
  7. Japanese Headspace - The global streaming service’s Japanese Headspace (opens in new tab) offers a range of calming Japanese tracks to help you find inner serenity.
  8. Meditation Electronics (opens in new tab) - Do you struggle to switch off your phone, well, these electronic sounding playlists will make your relationship with gadgets more serene.
  9. Cosmic Rock (opens in new tab) - You don't have to throw your head about but if rock music is your thing then this alternative playlist should give you a strong sense of harmony.
  10. Full Moon Vibes (opens in new tab) - If you prefer a playlist that has lyrics then this might be for you - woo-hoo!

Deezer Meditation HiFi

Listening to meditation music in ‘high fidelity’ audio means you can hear every tiny detail, helping you to hear added layers of depth in your wellbeing tracks, all you need is your own pair of noise-cancelling headphones (opens in new tab) or Aldi's apple airpod dupes (opens in new tab) for the ultimate chill-out experience any time you like - and what’s better is it’s cheaper than visiting a spa.

Splash the cash you would save on a new pair of luxury headphones, there are plenty of deals around, Amazon is currently selling Sony h.ear on 3 wireless headphones (opens in new tab) and they're on offer for £139 (RRP £165) saving you £26.

And you can also enhance the sounds by using a homemade glitter jar (opens in new tab) to add the extra touch of visionary relaxation.

Alice Jacq, Global Moods Editor at Deezer explained the popularity of Meditation, she said, “During this tough year, wellbeing content has been so important to help people relax and bring comfort. It’s great to see so many people using high fidelity sound to deepen their meditation and find inner peace. HiFi fans are discovering that, with the right audio equipment, they can hear all the rich detail of a track to really elevate the experience. We hope that listening in lossless quality can help even more people fully immerse themselves into their mindfulness practice.”

Deezer Meditation HiFi

If you want to enhance your meditation, you can sign up to Deezer HiFi (opens in new tab) and get the first three months free, with payments of £14.99 per month thereafter.