Mrs Hinch favourite Zoflora launches exciting new Christmas range – and it’s just 99p!

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  • Mrs Hinch favourite Zoflora is launching a new festive range that comes in a whole host of Christmassy flavours.

    Christmas time comes with so many nostalgic smells and now you can celebrate the festive season even while cleaning with an exciting new launch from Zoflora.

    The cleaning brand is a favourite of Instagram clean queen, Mrs Hinch, and while it’s been on cleaning enthusiast’s radar for a little while now, there’s a new range of limited edition Christmas products to get excited about.

    So while you’re primping your pad for the Christmas season with a good disinfection session, you can take in the new scents, including Warm Cinnamon, Winter Spice, Cranberry, Orange and Winter Morning and Sparkling Spruce.

    The best part of the new festive range is they aren’t going to break the bank. Prices start at just 99p in Home Bargains, while B&M have them on sale for £1.

    The brand is known as a favourite of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch. Real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, the 29-year-old mum of one has gained scores of followers on the social media platform thanks to her savvy tips for cleaning your home.

    Sophie loves the Zoflora brand so much, she’s shared a host of detailed tips on how to make the most of the cleaning products. She’s even shared photos showing off her big Zoflora collection and admitted she can’t go to bed without cleaning her sink first.

    Savvy shoppers have been sharing their excitement about the new launch on a Facebook group named Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, with one user hailing the new products as ‘lush’.

    Another user excitedly posted, ‘Can’t wait for our Christmas cleaning shop,’ while another declared that the limited edition Winter Morning was their ‘fave‘.

    While revealing the exciting new scents on their website, Zoflora unveiled some handy cleaning tricks to try with your new products.

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    Hello Hinchers! How are you all? So when I told a few of my family and friends that I wanted to extend the house around the same time as being pregnant I was told “Soph no” 😂 “Soph it would be easier to move house”! But the truth is I didn’t want to leave our home ,the place that has honestly made me SO happy! I remember the day we picked up our keys , 3 years ago , and I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life! And now look .. because of my home and because of you guys .. im that Mrs Hinch woman that everyone’s banging on about 🙄😉 So instead of moving house , We’ve grown our house , and we’ve grown our family too with our handsomes Ronnie! BUT I refuse to ever forget how this all started and it was right here ! In my kitchen , shining my sink. This part of my kitchen hasn’t changed at all and that’s exactly what I wanted , I have a larger house now and I feel so blessed but my favourite place to be in the house still to this day is right here .. in my kitchen. It may not be perfect to some people but it’s bloody perfect to me. Especially after I spent today hinching my washing machine 😍 so Have a wonderful evening Hinchers , I can’t wait to bath Ronnie and jump on the sofa with all my boys and my label machine 😂😂 I have more labels to do! Lots of love from me and mine 💗💙💙💙 ATB xxx #mrshinch #imahincher #hinched Flowers & vase @dunelmuk TCS set @handmade_at_herbert_cottage * Flooring @amticoflooring #collaboration * Wallpots & flowers @ikeauk Kitchen roll holder @boutiquediamondinteriors * Kettle @smeg_uk * {gifted*}

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    They said, “When packing your Christmas decorations away spritz the packing paper with diluted Zoflora to keep them smelling festive.

    “Freshen up your kitchen windowsills by wiping with diluted Winter Morning, removing dust and making your kitchen smell festive.”

    Happy festive cleaning!

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