M&S launch flattering reusable period pants to replace pads and tampons

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M&S has launched a range of reusable period pants that you can wear on your period instead of single-use sanitary products.

Periods can come unexpectedly, be heavier some months more than others, they can give you painful period cramps, make you gain weight, and give you mood swings. Our time of the month can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and downright annoying.

Anything that can make your periods a little bit more comfortable gets a big yes from us. M&S has answered the call and launched their very own range of period pants.

M&S Period Knickers
M&S has launched a more comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative to single use period products in a range of absorbency, fits and styles.

Period pants have been gaining popularity recently, they’re an eco-friendly, more sustainable, and convenient alternative to single-use tampons and pads. You can wear them on their own on your period, without any other form of sanitary protection.

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M&S’s period pants are called ‘confidence knickers’ and come in two absorbency levels. The light option holds up to 12ml and the high absorbency option holds up to 20ml. The pants also come in three styles, full briefs, high leg, bikini, and come in a range of patterns and colours to suit everyone's style.

Light Absorbency Bikini Period Knickers

M&S Light Absorbency Bikini Period Knickers

Credit: M&S
(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

View at M&S - £12

On their website, M&S says, ‘Say goodbye to single-use products with our reusable period knickers. Our leak-proof designs are made to inspire confidence, with classic, high-waisted, and high-leg silhouettes to choose from.’

‘Super-absorbent, anti-odour technology and a triple-layer weave ensure all-day comfort and freshness.’

For just £12 you can get your hands on a pair that are designed to be worn for up to 12 hours, providing you all-day protection. Then all you need to do is put them in the wash on a gentle cycle, wear and repeat. 

High Absorbency Period Full Briefs

M&S High Absorbency Period Full Briefs

Credit: M&S
(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

View at M&S - £12

With period pants you won’t need to worry about carrying pads with you in your bag or pocket or worry about changing your tampon every four hours. 

With this reusable and more sustainable option, you’ll save a lot of money every month from not buying single-use tampons and pads, and you’ll cut down on sanitary waste, win-win!

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