Mum shares shocking warning pictures as measles outbreak continues

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  • Jilly Moss’s one-year-old daughter Alba was hospitalised earlier this month.

    Last month, a new study confirmed that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. But according to NHS data, vaccination rates are decreasing every year, while cases of measles are on the rise.

    Baby Alba had only just turned one when she got measles, so she hadn’t had her first dose of the MMR jab yet. But Jilly believes that if the older children around Alba had all been vaccinated at 13 months, her daughter would not have caught the disease.

    She took to Facebook to urge other parents to vaccinate their children, sharing shocking pictures of Alba in bed at Chelsea West Hospital, in London, covered in a red rash and with her eyes swollen shut.

    ‘Posting these heartbreaking images of our beautiful baby girl who contracted MEASLES is extremely difficult,’ she wrote. ‘We are still in hospital eight days after being admitted.’

    ‘Measles is not “just a rash,”’ she continued. ‘It can cause blindness, encephalitis and pneumonia.

    ‘We need to do more people. Get your children vaccinated. The MMR does not cause life-threatening issues like measles does. Your babies might feel under the weather for a day or so but believe me you’d accept that over what we have been through.’

    Jilly went on to describe her heartbreaking experience in more detail: ‘It has been absolutely horrific watching our daughter fight this with her eyes swollen shut for four days.

    ‘She has been in the dark, scared with a high fever that lasted for over two weeks. In hospital she has been scanned, x-rayed, poked, prodded, bloods taken, lumbar punctures done, cannulas fitted, swabs taken, ECG echoes, obs done every 20 minutes, tube fed, on a drip, oxygen, pumped full of drugs, anti-inflammatory pain relief, antibiotics, you name it she’s had it.

    ‘This post is about educating people about measles and what the virus can do to tiny vulnerable bodies,’ she concluded.

    The World Health Organisation recently warned that rates of measles had hit a decade high in the UK and Europe.