Nadia Sawalha films smear test after admitting she’d skipped the cervical cancer screening for a year

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  • Nadia Sawalha posted a video diary of her latest smear test after she admitting she'd been avoiding the health check for 12 months.

    Loose Women regular Nadia Sawalha is adored for her straight-talking and honest posts, which often resonate with how women are feeling all over the country.

    Whether she’s opening up about her parenting woes or confidence battles, Nadia Sawalha always tries to use her celebrity platform to shine a light on serious matters.

    In her latest brave video diary, the mum-of-two documents her latest smear test in an effort to show other women, young and old, that there really is nothing to fear about the routine check.

    The video diary was shown on Friday’s episode of Loose Women and documented Nadia heading into her GP and laying on the table as Dr Phillippa Kay got ready to swab her.

    nadia sawalha smear test

    Loose Women/ITV

    A smear test is a sometimes referred to as a cervical screening. It’s a routine check women over 25 are advised to get tested every three years as it checks the health of the cervix (the opening to the womb from the vagina).

    The NHS stress that it is not a test for cancer but it can help prevent cancer and detect it early on. During the test a small sample of cells are taken and they are then tested for anything abnormal.

    After the test you usually receive the results by letter around two weeks later.

    Before Nadia got on the table she spoken to the camera in the waiting room and said: ‘So I’ve just arrived for my smear, I’m ten mins early actually. And my daughters were asking if I was nervous, I’m not nervous at all!

    ‘I just want to get it done, worry gone! Big fat tick, done. Here I am with Dr Phillippa. Isn’t she lovely? I’m really excited to get this out the way.’

    nadia sawalha smear test

    Loose Women/ITV

    While being quizzed by Dr Phillippa Nadia admitted that she was a year late for her test but she had thought she was two years late.

    Overjoyed, she said: ‘I thought I was two years late but I’m one year late. Yes [I’ve emptied my bladder], let’s do it kids!’

    Once on the table Nadia proves there really is nothing to worry about and casually asks Dr Phillippa if she’d done the test already.

    She joked: ‘Have you done it? Is that it? How easy it is! It just takes seconds! I got my tests and I’m clear. It’s that worry, just get it done get it out the way.’

    Despite a continued effort to get more women to attend their smear tests, a recent survey by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust found that 900 women out of 2,000 had still never attended or delayed their screening.

    Loose Women have launched a #FaceYourSmear campaign to encourage women to book in their appointment after it was reported that numbers are at a 10 year low.

    Awareness for cervical cancer rocketed after the devastating death of Jade Goody, who died at the age of 27 and documented her journey with cervical cancer extensively.

    Since then, several celebrities including the likes of Michelle Keegan and Binky Felstead have posted about the importance of smear tests and urged other women to not be afraid.

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