Survey reveals the surprising way our pets have been helping us through lockdown

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  • Lockdown has been challenging on many levels for everyone – but it seems that those with pets have had extra help in getting through the tough times.

    A new survey by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has revealed that pets have been helping their owners be more productive and keep a regular routine – something that can be tricky when leaving the house is not much of an option.

    The shelter surveyed 2,000 respondents, and nearly half (43%) said their pet helped them cope with anxiety. Another 60% said their pet helped them get out of bed in the morning, with four in 10 admitting their four-legged pals were crucial in helping them maintain a regular routine.

    More than half (58%) also said that their pet has helped boost productivity and motivation while working from home.

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    However, despite the benefits, there’s one thing that seems to be spoiling this seemingly perfect set up. Another survey done by specialist pet insurance providers, The Insurance Emporium, revealed that only a third (32%) of people liked seeing their colleagues’ and clients’ pets in video calls – saying that it made them seem more personable.

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    Battersea ambassador and model David Gandy is one of the many pet owners who’s been spending more time with his dog Dora – whom he adopted at Battersea dog – and his partner’s mum’s rescue dogs.

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    There are so many incredible selfless people protecting and looking after us all during this time. This also includes the wonderful staff, vets and nurses @battersea who are making sure the animals are safe, well and look after. The medical teams are also treating any critical cases. So @battersea have created the biggest game of fetch. Here's my attempt with obviously Dora my dog from @ Battersea but also Mac and Tilly, two other rehomed dogs. (It did not go well) Let's see everyone else's attempts, just upload and use the hashtags #makefetchhappen #rescueismyfavoritebreed. I'm nominating @thedogjogger @nikkitibbleswildatheart @darrenkennedyofficial & @thecountrydoghotel let's see what you got!!!!!

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    He says, “Even though there have been frustrations with the necessary restrictions during lockdown, the dogs are blissfully oblivious to what is happening. ‘They may indeed actually be enjoying it, with longer walks and more attention and playtime than ever before.

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    “No matter where I am or what I’m doing, the three dogs are by my side, laying a head on my knee through hours of Zoom calls and helping me out in the land and garden from morning until night. ‘Dogs provide us with so much and ask very little back, just a walk, some food and a cuddle. They are an integral part in our lives every day but especially the past few months.”