Genius gadget allows pregnant women shave legs without bending over – and it has dozens of 5-star reviews

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  • Any mum or mum-to-be will know that as you progress through pregnancy it gets increasingly harder to do even the most menial of tasks.

    And one of those menial tasks that is painfully necessary (especially as soon as the sun makes an appearance), is shaving your legs.

    But as your bump gets bigger than can be near impossible.

    Well now there’s a nifty little gadget to give you a helping hand and make your showers not so strenuous.

    American company Giraffe Bath & Body has released a handle that you can clip onto the end of your razor to extend it – meaning you can get the perfect shave without having to bend down at all.

    Available to buy on Amazon, the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle can add up to 15-20 inches to your razor handle, has a rubber non-slip finish and features a pivoting head so you can get the curvy bits of your legs without getting any nicks or cuts.

    It’s also designed to fit most leading razor brands and types, including Gillette, Schick (Wilkinson in UK) and BIC.

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    The only down side? It’s not the cheapest thing in the world. It comes in at £39, which to some might seem steep, but the dozens of 5-star also suggest that it’s worth it to any mums-to-be who can’t reach their ankles anymore!

    ‘I got this because I’m pregnant with twins and it has been difficult to shave my legs in the small hospital shower (hospital bed rest) with my regular razor,’ wrote one mum-to-be.

    ‘It takes using it a few times to get used to it but I have yet to cut myself while using it. I have coarse hair so I tend to press down hard on a razor while shaving and you can’t really do that with this. Not a big deal though it is way better than not shaving or having to try and shave around my belly with the two babies in it.

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    ‘Over all great to have if you are pregnant and having trouble shaving or after a surgery.’

    ‘I recommend this for anyone with mobility issues, whether older or younger,’ wrote another customer. ‘This would be great for expectant mothers in those later parts of pregnancy where you can’t even see your feet or legs anymore!’

    ‘This helped me out big time!’ raved another expectant mum. ‘I’m currently pregnant and it was difficult to shave during the shower due to my growing belly.

    ‘With the razor extender, it did not put any pressure on my back. Easy to use and the service has been great. If you’re a pregnant woman, I highly recommend this product :)’