These zodiac signs are most likely to spy on their partners

zodiac sign likely spy partners
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Many of us follow our star signs to give us more insight into our future.

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us are partial to reading a horoscope or two and letting it give us help, inspiration or guidance into what’s coming up next in our lives.

And there are those of us who love to read into them and what they might say about our personalities.

But it might not always tell us what we want to hear…

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It turns out that people of certain zodiac signs tend to spy on their partners more than others.

A new study has revealed that people who have the star sign Leo are more likely than everyone else to spy on their partners.

Those born between 23rd July and 23rd August are apparently more likely to be distrustful and go snooping on their partners’ phones.

zodiac sign likely spy partners

Leos were found to be the most likely to spy on their partners while Aquarius were the least (Credit: Psychic World)

‘If your partner is a Leo, Cancer or a Pisces, then most likely they know everything going on inside your phone or computer,’ said the study. ‘In fact, a whopping 75% of Leos have revealed they spy on their partners, while 71% of Cancers and 69% of Pisces said they have this habit as well.

‘Perhaps this comes as no surprise. Fire sign Leos are known for being dominant and they simply wouldn’t allow doubt to take room in the relationship. Instead, they will take seeking the truth into their own hands.

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‘Pisces and Cancers are both water signs, known for their very emotional natures. They are both very intuitive, so if their partners give them any reason to believe they are straying away, they will make sure to find out!’

Want to know why those star signs were more inclined to snoop? Here are their reasons…

How often do you spy on your partner?

  • Every day – 33% Every other day – 39% Rarely – 21%
  • Never – 7%

Have you ever found something incriminatory while snooping through devices?

  • Yes – 59%
  • No – 41%

What have you found which bothered you?

  • Speaking to someone of the opposite sex – 57%
  • Liking someone else’s pictures on social media – 62%
  • Sending/receiving risqué pictures to/from someone of the opposite sex – 34% Looking at porn – 44%
  • Speaking badly about partner to friend/family – 17%
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