Am I Being Unreasonable series 2 - everything we know so far

Daisy May Cooper’s hit comedy thriller is set to return for a second series - here's everything we know about it

am I being unreasonable series 2
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The season finale of hit comedy thriller, Am I Being Unreasonable, took viewers on a ride they were not expecting. The ending of the show's first season left viewers baffled at best and traumatised at worst, with the episodes shocking final moments demanding a second season.

Written by and starring Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli, the outrageous, genre-bending show played out a series of twists in it's storylines, leading audiences to finally discover the mysterious truth of what really happened between main character Nic and her former boyfriend Alex. 

The finale left viewers desperate for more, so will there be a second season of Am I Being Unreasonable? Here we share everything we know...

Is there an Am I Being Unreasonable series 2?

Yes, Daisy Cooper and Selin Hizli have confirmed that Am I Being Unreasonable will return for a second season. Sharing the exciting news in an Instagram post, Daisy Cooper and Selin Hizli wrote, "When we first started writing this show we never dreamed it would get commissioned, let alone get another series. 

"We're so grateful to everyone who has watched it and we promise we will work our hardest to make the second series even better than the first...It's gonna hit you with all the grace and decorum of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on."

Jon Petrie, the Director of BBC Comedy, admitted that the BBC commissioned the second season for somewhat selfish reasons, with him and his colleagues desperate to watch more episodes of the show. He said, "We had so many questions after binging the first series that we were selfishly desperate to have more Am I Being Unreasonable? in our lives. Luckily, we know that our viewers feel the same way. 

"Thank you to Daisy May Cooper, Selin Hizli, Jack Thorne and everyone at Boffola for creating such a funny, thrilling, genre-bending show. We can't wait to see what happens next."

When could Am I Being Unreasonable series 2 come out? 

There is not yet a set release date for the second series of Am I Being Unreasonable, but looking to the filming schedule of the show's first season, which was filmed in 2021 at Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios and was aired a year later in September 2022, Am I Being Unreasonable season 2 will likely hit screens in late 2023/early 2024. It's unlikely that filming for season 2 has yet begun or that the BBC, who commission the show, have decided upon a sure-fire date for release. 

Produced by Boffola Pictures and Lookout Point, the show was first broadcast on BBC One on the 23rd of September 2022, with the final episode airing on Friday the 28th of October. In an unusual move for the BBC, all episodes of the show were made available on BBC iPlayer on the same day as the first episode aired, allowing impatience viewers to binge the entire series.

am i being unreasonable series 2

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Where to watch & stream Am I Being Unreasonable season 1

The complete first series of Am I Being Unreasonable is currently available to watch, or binge, on BBC iPlayer. The series is made up of six episodes, all of which are around half an hour long.

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