Alesha Dixon teams up with daughter Azura for charity and fans are blown away with how adorable she is on camera

The BGT judge has put her daughter in front of the camera for the first-time to help her spread a special fundraising message.

Alesha Dixon
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Alesha Dixon has teamed up with her daughter Azura in special video to urge people to donate to charity during Coronavirus crisis.

The singer is mum to daughters Azura, aged six, and Anaya, seven months, who is her first child with husband Azuka Ononye.

She uploaded a video clip of her and Azura addressing her 998k followers, she said, 'I'm here with Azura and we're here to talk to you about the National Emergencies Trust' it's an incredible organisation that we recently found out about.'

'People are really helping people, others.' Azura chipped in, as she played with her dress.

Alesha continued, 'That's right, and they're doing incredible work, helping people on the frontline all over the country, from children, to people with mental health issues to the elderly.'

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Azura, added, 'They're all caring about other people like the elderly and young children.'

Alesha continued, 'That's right and the list goes on, and if you want to check them out you can visit their website, the national emergencies trust and find out all about them. If you're sitting at home and thinking "How you can help? I'm not doing enough" then a small thing you can do is donate some money, and you could donate five pounds to...'

And Azura helped her mum, by saying, 'NET'

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Alesha continued, 'And that's to 70141 and the national emergencies trust will be very, very grateful for your support. Thank you so, so much, sending you love, sending you light, positive vibes.'

To end the clip she Azura signed off to say, 'Goodbye, have a nice time at home with your parents.'

What do fans think of Alesha Dixon's daughter?

And fans are overwhelmed with how adorable she is in front of the camera.

One wrote, 'Azura is absolutely adorable. What a clever young lady. '

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Another put, 'It's like a mini Alesha lol brilliant' and a third added, 'Omg Azura is so cute and understands so much for such a young age keep doing what you are doing and you are such an inspiration.'

Alesha captioned the clip, 'Let’s come together to support @national_emergencies_trust_ #netcoronavirusappeal and help the people in your communities affected by coronavirus

'Text NET to 70141 to donate £5. It is a quick and easy way to make sure money gets to as many people as possible as soon as possible, thank you x'