Are the Grimwades a real family and what channel is their show on?

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With kids and parents tuning into their morning show Go Green with the Grimwades - many are wondering are the Grimwades a real family?

They're the social media personalities behind new eco-show Go Green with the Grimwades. Teaching Britain how to be environmentally conscious and active in an era of climate change combat and eco-warrior Greta Thunberg.

But with two adults and 6 kids in total, viewers have been curious to know if the Grimwades are in fact a real family or rather a group of models hired to take part in the show. We've done our research to give you the story behind the 'real' Grimwades.

Are the Grimwades a real family?

Yes, the Grimwades are a real family based in London, England. They describe themselves as an interracial and Christian family of eight.

The family influencers started out vlogging on YouTube in 2017. Sharing videos on everything from their daily life and routines to pregnancies, births and family milestone announcements. The Grimwades also share fashion and clothing hauls, plus videos of them taking on crazy challenges together.

Their vlogs over time have earnt them a following of over 275,000 subscribers on Youtube. Whilst their instagram account - @thegrimwadefamily - currently boasts 78,000 followers.

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It was dad Tim who had the idea of working as a family and vlogging their lives on YouTube:

"I need some sort of job that is gonna allow me to be with my family while I do it," he told the Sitdown UK. "And thank god and god bless the Grimwade gang out there - they've allowed us to do that."

In addition to their social media fame has come the new TV show Go Green with the Grimwades - which is where some viewers may also know them from.

Grimwade family names:

There's currently 8 members that make up the Grimwade family in total:

  • Tim Grimwade - dad - 37-years-old
  • Ella-Louise Grimwade -  mum - 34-years-old
  • Heze Grimwade - son - 11-years-old
  • Hosanna Grimwade - daughter - 9-years-old
  • Halle-Rose Grimwade - daughter - 7-years-old
  • Harper-Rae Grimwade - daughter - 5-years-old
  • Hazariah-Reu Zephaniah Grimwade - son - 3-years-old

In October 2021, mum Ella announced that the family would be welcoming a ninth member soon. With the 34-year-old announcing she is pregnant with a little girl.

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Parents Tim and Ella married in March 2009 and have made family their priority and career ever since. Eldest son Heze was recently announced as a Nike athlete. Whilst his sisters Hosanna, Halle and Harper love dancing together, sharing routines they've made up and performed on the family social media accounts.

Are the Grimwade's homeschooled?

Yes, the Grimwade children are homeschooled.

Mum Ella opened up on her decision to homeschool her children when appearing on Sam Faier's Mummy Diaries on ITV. The former-TOWIE star asked Ella about what the benefits of homeschooling were.

"You can help shape your child the way that you believe is right," she said.

"They're with you the whole time. I used to cry when my mum went to school," Ella added. Suggesting that separation was another factor in the Grimwades decision.

Ella also admitted that she was herself homeschooled in an interview with The Sun.

Both parents also shared that their faith was a factor in deciding to homeschool their kids.

"We're Christian and we wanted to give our children a Christian education," Ella shared in one 2018 vlog.

"It's not saying that we don't want our children to know about any other religions," added dad Tim. He elaborated that the idea is that they teach their children their beliefs. And then it's down to them to decide whether Christianity is for them.

What channel is Go Green with the Grimwades on?

Milkshake show Go Green with the Grimwades airs weekday mornings at 8:05am on Channel 5.

It sees the family of 8 challenge themselves to go green by following by the 5 R's of sustainability: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle.

Episodes have seen them try to refuse plastic packaging, reduce their water consumption and re-use wool.

Each episode runs for around 10-15 minutes and is available to catch up on via My5.

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Tim and Ella were asked if they had been a green family prior to the show:

"No but the show has been great in teaching us how to be," they told The Sun. "Because it’s our responsibility to take care of the planet that we live in."

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