Big Brother star Kate Lawler gives birth to baby girl with fiancé Martin but suffers ‘complications’

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  • Big Brother star Kate Lawler has welcomed a baby girl with her fiancé Martin after experiencing 'complications' during labour.

    Big Brother star Kate Lawler has given birth to a baby girl with fiancé Martin after suffering ‘complications’ in labour.

    The reality TV star turned radio host has welcomed her newborn two weeks earlier than the due date, after her waters broke at 5.45am on Thursday 11th February, and Martin gave fans an update of the sweet arrival on Instagram.

    He wrote. ‘Nuchky is gorgeous and has lots of hair which make me think Kate definitely has a hairy lover out there.’

    The proud dad then apologised for going silent after Kate’s waters broke yesterday and explained, ‘Hi everyone, sorry for the radio silence, it’s been a long day.  Nuchky is fine, fit and healthy, as is Kate. We had a bit of complication but Nuchky is ok and on the quick mend and will be with us tomorrow, all being good.’

    He continued, ‘Kate is absolutely pooped so I’ve left her to sleep and I’m going to try and get some shut eye myself. I didn’t know how else to tell the news except with these s*** cab selfies but thank you for all of your messages. It’s been an overwhelming day. I’m glad to see she has about 200,000 aunties ready to march for her if she ever needs help.’

    It is not yet clear whether Martin, nicknamed Boj, was allowed to be present at the birth as Kate’s pre-birth post revealed he wasn’t allowed in until a decision was made.

    But in the hours before, Kate uploaded a video clip of Martin laid back in a chair beside her hospital bed and Kate can be overheard saying, “It’s a nightmare not being pregnant innit?”

    She then added a clip of her sat waiting and said, “Never looked hotter’ as she lifted her hospital gown to reveal her grey knee-length stockings and added, ‘Stunning!’

    Kate previously shared a clip of her telling her family the happy news, but none of them believed her at first. Kate explained in the caption, ‘Note how everyone asks if we’re on the wind-up. I guess because none of them ever believed I’d change my mind about wanting children.’

    The baby’s name has not yet been revealed.