Billie Faiers forced to respond to trolls who have criticised her for going on too many holidays

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TOWIE star Billie Faiers has defended going on lots of holidays this year, as she insisted she worked ‘non-stop’ to fund them.

The reality TV star was forced to defend her holiday choices, saying that she and her husband Greg Shephard are 'like passing ships' when they’re at their Essex home.

The 29-year-old is currently away with her children Nelly and Arthur, her mum Sue, and her sister Sam Faiers.

She also visited Dubai in April, her mother-in-law’s wedding in Valencia in June, her own Maldives wedding, and a trip to Cannes in the South of France with husband Greg.

However, people took to social media to vent their frustrations with Billie’s holiday snaps, with one user writing: 'Still still on holiday!!!!!!'

Another added: ‘Do you ever work... seems like every week your rubbing people's noses in your lovely lifestyle!’

A third said: ‘Is it a holiday if you're never home?’

But Billie has defended her holidays. Speaking to Fabulous Digital, she said: ‘This is our fourth family holiday this year. I know people say, "oh another holiday".

‘But actually, Greg and I worked every single day in July and we’re doing the same in September - so we can have this time as a family.

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‘People don’t realise, but at home we are like passing ships as a family. Not that I should have to explain it, but the reason we work hard is for our holidays and to spend time as a family.

‘It's hard work travelling with kids, but it's worth it when you get there. This to us is quality time.’

Despite the negative comments, Billie claims she has ‘learned to grow a second layer of skin’, adding that ‘she doesn’t take much notice of trolls’.

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‘I don’t understand these people, I find it bizarre. I would never write anything on anyone’s post which was negative', she admitted.

Following her TOWIE success, she has her own unfiltered reality show called the Mummy Diaries, which is currently on its fifth season on ITVBe.

Speaking about the aims of her latest show, Billie Faiers said: ‘People like to see what goes on behind the glamour and shoots - what we get up to at home, how the kids are, what we do and how we handle situations.

‘That’s why it’s so relatable. We get so many people messaging us saying “I’m so glad it’s not just me”.

‘It makes people feel they’re not the only people going through this, the kids' tantrums and bickering with their husband. To be real is the ultimate goal for us on the show.’

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