Can you solve this Strictly themed brain teaser in 7 seconds or less?

Brain teaser

We love good brain teaser to keep us on our toes - don’t you?

To celebrate the much anticipated Strictly Come Dancing finale this weekend, leading UK dancewear specialist Dancewear Central has created a special brain teaser featuring a range of different dance shoes.

But hidden somewhere amongst the array of pink, white and beige dance shoes is a tiny glitterball, which Strictly is well known for. Can you spot it?

According to Dancewear Central, the fastest recorded time to spot the glitterball is just seven seconds, which is very impressive! Some people have given up entirely, but hopefully you won’t need to do that.

brain teaser

Credit: Dancewear Central

If you’re up for the challenge, set a timer and get to work, and see if you can spot the glitterball in record time. Why not challenge your family and friends too? That’s one way to keep yourself entertained whilst you wait for the big Strictly finale!

There’s plenty of other brain teasers out there if this one was a piece of cake. For those of you ready for an even bigger challenge, there’s a very festive one which requires you to spot five items in record time.

Yes that’s right, this Christmas themed brain teaser challenges competitors to find five turkeys hidden within this very festive scene. You’ve got to search the whole house for them too, and there’s three floors to look at.

But before you go off and search for those turkeys, would you like the solution to this dance puzzle?

If you’re absolutely stumped or you just want to be proven right, you can scroll down and find the solution below.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t scroll down unless you want the puzzle answer revealed!

Credit: Dancewear Central

Did you spot the glitterball in record time? Or did you have to give up and cheat? Let us know how you got on via Facebook!

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