Caroline Flack's ex-fiancé Andrew Brady jailed for harassment

Caroline Flack's ex-fiancé Andrew Brady has been jailed for harassing a journalist.

The former Apprentice star has been sentenced to four months in prison after admitting harassment at a hearing at Sheffield Crown Court earlier this week.

Andrew, 31, had launched a campaign of harassment against Dan Wooton—a former The Sun columnist and now GB News presenter—and claimed Caroline Flack's tragic death was partly his fault after she committed suicide back in 2020.

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The court heard how he used social media to send threats to Dan Wooton and brand him a sex offender and a murderer.

The judge, Jeremy Richardson QC, said his claims were "wholly irrational" and suggested Andrew acted in a bid to solidify his own celebrity status.

He went on to say the attacks on Dan had "everything to do with your craving for celebrity status and your irritation that the press were not in the least interested in your somewhat uninteresting life.”

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The judge added, "For a period of time, following the death of Miss Flack, you were affected by her death, you behaved irrationally, but the main reason for you doing as you did is your irritation that journalists were paying little, if any, attention to you.

"You blamed Mr Wootton for this state of affairs and it was a masquerade that you were deeply concerned about what was being said in relation to Miss Flack."

Dan Wooton appeared via video link and said in a statement that he "adored" the late Love Island host.

Detailing his close relationship with the troubled star, he said, “I only ever wrote stories about Caroline that she wanted to be published.

“She knew I had her back.”

As he has been remanded in custody for 66 days, it is thought Andrew will be released "in the near future."

But he could face a longer jail term if if he breaks the 10-year restraining order put in place by the judge, which prevents him from contacting Dan Wooton, making reference to him on social media or going within 200 yards of his home or place of work.

Caroline and Andrew enjoyed a brief romance in 2018, before they parted ways shortly after getting engaged.

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