Chloe Madeley reveals how her parents Richard and Judy are getting on during lockdown

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  • Chloe Madeley has revealed what her parents Richard and Judy have been doing in lockdown as she admits she misses them.

    The fitness enthusiast, who has a close relationship with her showbiz parents, admits she hasn’t been able to see them since the self-isolation was put into place and that they would usually pick her mood up when she was feeling down.

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    Manchester, 1989 🖤

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    Chloe said, ‘I miss them so much. I haven’t actually seen them since the beginning of lockdown so it’s been a while and I’m so close to them that it’s been quite hard. ‘Everybody knows during lockdown you have really good days and quite down days so normally when I have a down day I really would go see them because they’re usually at home but now I can’t so it’s hard.’

    How are Richard and Judy spending lockdown?

    And with work stopped for most people, she reveals how her TV presenter parents are coping. She told ITV’s Lorraine, ‘They are loving it – mum is such a homebody she just wants to read and write so she is loving it and dad, is a sun worshipper so he’s in the garden writing his column and reading the paper every day so he’s really fine.’

    Richard and Judy returned to Channel 4 last month with Richard and Judy’s Book Club. Chloe continued, ‘The Book Club was actually a really good thing for them to do because it gave them some work in the middle of it all to stay mentally sane but now they’re just relaxing and happy and they’re loving it.’

    Chloe is raising awareness for Race for Life which people can take part in from home during lockdown to help raise the much needed funds for Cancer Research UK.

    And in addition to this worthwhile cause Chloe revealed how she’s been spending her time at home. ‘I’ve got lots of online clients and I’m editing my next book so it’s good to have something to do’ she said.

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    Easter Weekend Workout DONE 💪🏼 Now to spend today’s energy calories on TEQUILA 😂 When I post stuff like that I DO know how it comes across 💁🏼‍♀️, and i know I might hear it from both sides of the spectrum: “Who cares about calories there’s a pandemic happening!” And “how can you call yourself healthy and drink tequila?!” My answer is simply that IF YOU CAN take care of yourself internally, regardless of what’s happening externally, that IS important. I train most days and eat healthy most days because both mentally and physically it’s GOOD for me. SOME days, I’ll do no exercise, drink alcohol for enjoyment or eat whatever i want, because both mentally and physically it’s GOOD for me. People can pretend these facts don’t apply to them in SOME context, but they do, they apply to all of us. Science has proven time and time again what cardiovascular health, increased muscle mass and nutritional health can do for you epigenetically. Subjective studies have proven what running yourself into the ground and burnout can do to you mentally. I’m not trying to preach, I’m just trying to encourage a more balanced approach to both mental and physical health and fitness without either side of the spectrum judging the other 💪🏼🧠

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    Saturday and Sunday we go out into the garden and we relax the diet like I’m sure the rest of the nation are doing and we’ll have a barbecue and we’ll sit in the sun and drink gin and tonic and relax. We tried really hard from the off to maintain some kind of structure so we didn’t go completely mad.’

    Meanwhile Chloe’s husband James Haskell has been behind the DJ decks doing Instagram live DJ sets.