Denise Van Outen shares daughter’s reaction as she is revealed as The Masked Singer

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ITV show The Masked Singer saw two more characters unmasked this weekend in the semi-final - revealing Denise Van Outen as the Fox.

The West End star shared a hilarious video of her daughter finding out who was behind the mask - along with the rest of the nation.

Denise took to Instagram to share the brilliant clip of her nine-year-old daughter, Betsy, and her friend watching the big reveal.

The three can be seen snuggled up on the sofa in their PJs watching the show. During the climatic moment, they all chant “take if off” - along with the studio audience.

Betsy then proceeds to hide behind her hands as the mask is lifted off, before shouting at her mum “You!” as Denise bursts out laughing.

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Denise was unmasked as the Fox on Saturday, missing out on a place in the final.

The star took to Instagram to comment on her experience on the show, also revealing that she has been recording a brand new album.

In another Instagram post, she wrote, 'I know I always appear to be super confident (another mask) I actually lost confidence in myself when it came to singing.

'As a mummy I stepped back with my singing and stage career to make sure I never missed precious moments with my daughter.

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'It was a moment last summer when I was singing in the shower when Betsy my 9 year old daughter said to me, ‘Mummy, why have I never heard or seen you sing on stage?’ That made me realise I had to get back to what I’ve always loved doing.

'@themaskedsinger gave me the chance to get my confidence back. Thank you for all your lovely comments week after week. This cheeky little fox is a happy little fox.'

This weekend also saw singer CeeLo Green revealed at the man behind the Monster costume.

Next weekend Hedgehog, Queen Bee and Octopus compete for the crown in the final.

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