This classic Disney favourite is finally getting a remake – and fans are passionate about who should star

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  • The last few years have seen us treated to a whole stream of new Disney remakes.

    Disney Princess classic Sleeping Beauty was remade into the live-action Maleficent, starring Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie as the dark villain – and it even spawned sequel that came out just last year.

    And then of course fan-favourite Cinderella landed on screens along with all of its sparkly magical scenes, followed by the incredible live-action Jungle Book, which saw a host of different animals incredibly come to life.

    Fans were then treated to Harry Potter actress Emma Watson telling Belle’s story in Beauty and the Beast and Winnie the Pooh’s Christopher Robin.

    And last year was a standout year with both the epic Lion King remake and the magical live-action Aladdin.

    But now it seems like we’re set to be treated to another favourite with a nineties classic coming our way.

    Animated hit Hercules is being made into a live-action movie – and it’s already got some big names behind it.

    Filmmakers of Marvel hits Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War Joe and Anthony Russo will be producing the new live-action, while Marvel’s Dave Callaham will be writing the script.

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    To refresh anyone’s memories who needs it, the 90’s classic follow outcast Hercules, who discovers that he is the son of Greek God and Goddess Zeus and Hera, makes it his mission to become a hero on earth so that he can join his family up on Mount Olympus.

    Along the way he meets his flying horse sidekick Pegasus, his half-human half-goat mentor Philoctetes (or Phil) and the certainly not damsel in distress Megara (or Meg) – all the while trying to be sabotaged by God of the underworld Hades and his minions Panic and Pain.

    And fans have some very strong opinions about who should play the varied cast.

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    Many have demanded that Netflix star Noah Centineo and chart-topper Ariana Grande play the romantic leads, while others have taken to Twitter with a whole range of passionate alternatives.

    With many strong opinions about who should play Meg, fans wrote, ‘hailee steinfeld as megara in hercules live action? disney make this happen!’ of the Pitch Perfect star and some were desperate for a Skins actress adding, ‘Kaya Scodelario as Meg in the live action #Hercules please and thank you’.

    However many were rooting for Dynasty star Liz Gillies with tweets including, ‘LIZ GILLIES IS THE ONLY MEGARA THERE CAN BE’, ‘Ariana Grande is great. Elizabeth Gillies looks just like Meg. She has the acting and singing down!’ and ‘What about Liz Gillies as Meg for the live action movie’.

    And many wanted Avengers star Tom Hiddleston to take up the role of Hades, writing, ‘If Tom Hiddleston doesn’t play Hades in the live action remake of Hercules, then what’s the point?’, ‘Tom Hiddleston will play Hades in Hercules’ and ‘if tom hiddleston plays hades in the live remake of hercules i will never complain again’.

    Well we certainly can’t to see who they pick to go from zero to hero!