Gemma Collins opens up on her secret miscarriage heartbreak revealing she saw her baby ‘die in front of her’

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  • Gemma Collins has opened up about the heartbreak she faced when she suffered a secret miscarriage.

    The reality TV star, who rose to fame on ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex, spoke out about the horrendous ordeal on her BBC podcast.

    In 2012, Gemma miscarried at four months pregnant before attending the NTAs with bandages under her dress.

    “I’ve had some shocking things happen to me, I’m not sure I’ve spoken about this before,” she said.

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    “But I actually gave birth to a child, sadly, and basically the child was four months old, basically I had a miscarriage but obviously the baby was formed and it died in front of me.

    “I had to go to the hospital and my mum was there. I can remember my mum being really upset, I was in shock, I was upset.”

    Admitting she feels strong enough to talk about the painful situation now, the self-confessed diva who is loved by fans for her hilariously feisty personality, went on, ‘That was really a shocking moment for me. But this is what I’m saying, I can talk about it now. Things sometimes are not meant to be.”

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    Recalling how she had no idea she was expecting, Gemma added, “I’ll never forget it, it was a very traumatising experience because I didn’t know I was pregnant and literally I remember waking up with severe pains and my mum said to me, ‘Gemma you need to go to the toilet,’ and I was like, ‘Honey, this is not…’.”

    Gemma, famously known as The GC, wrote about the nightmare in her autobiography and revealed she attended the 2012 NTAs hours after miscarrying.

    ‘What people didn’t realise was that under the £3,500 vintage dress

    I was wearing, I was covered in padding and bandages because 24 hours earlier I’d been carted off in an ambulance,’ she penned.

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