Geri Horner shares her new additions to her family during lockdown

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  • Geri Horner welcomes new additions to the family during lockdown.

    The mum-of-two to daughter Bluebell, 13, and son Monty, three, has been isolating away at her family home alongside husband Christian Horner. But the singer took to her Instagram to share some special additions with her followers during lockdown.

    Geri uploaded a video clip of her stood in one of her fields, holding up a lamb as she is surrounded by sheep and their lambs.

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    New friend ! 🐑 mama baaaa! 💕

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    She captioned the clip, ‘New friend ! mama baaaa!’

    Geri, wearing white, is cradling one of the lambs and as she holds it up to the camera she says, ‘Hello, aren’t you going to say hello. Aren’t you gorgeous. You’re chilled out aren’t you?’

    The lamb finally replied with a baa!

    ‘Yes I know, you want to go to your mum’ and as it began bleating, she replied, ‘It’s alright, shall we go over here?’ As she walked the lamb over towards its mum who was grazing in the field.

    Geri put the lamb down it bounced along the grass with the other baby lambs.

    What do Geri Horner’s fans think?

    One fan is delighted of her care for the animals, writing, ‘Geri love you …. so lovely to see you with this lovely animals around you ! I love that you are there for all this animal !! The love that you and the animals share is unconditional!!!!’

    Another put ‘How cute!’ and a third wrote, ‘Working on the farm must keep you busy’.

    Just a couple of days ago, Geri was busy entertaining the kids indoors when son Monty was making a den in their living room. She uploaded a clip of the set up and captioned it, ‘What was the journey of this tartan blanket? – Now Monty’s Den!- Royal mantel, Edinburgh stadium, & warm hug,’

    And she also put her cookery skills to the test when she baked some sweet treats just like her mum used to make.

    Sharing the snap of the delicious looking bun, she said, ‘Granny’s secret choux buns. Monty got involved. Takes ages to make. But delicious.’