Gogglebox bombarded with complaints after viewers notice the stars are breaking one big rule

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  • Gogglebox has reportedly been hit with complaints after viewers noticed that a very important rule wasn’t being followed during filming.

    The Channel 4 smash hit, which regularly leaves the nation laughing with the chatterings of regular members of the public watching the telly, came under fire for seemingly flouting the rules of the coronavirus lockdown.

    TV watchdog Ofcom is said to have received 20 complaints while social media was flooded with users totally baffled as to why stars of the show were sat on the sofa together, despite not living in the same house.

    Leeds based sisters Ellie and Izzi are believed by fans to have separate houses but were seen on screen in close proximity to each other.

    Best pals Jenny and Lee left viewers confused as to why they were spending time together in one caravan.

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    An the Siddiqui brothers were seen sat two meters away from one another, although fans were quick to point out that the precaution wasn’t enough if they were visiting each other’s houses.

    Why are they able to film together? I always thought they lived in separate houses? Even tho they are social distancing you are not allowed to visit family or friends,’ one wrote.

    Yeah that’s not social distancing! Awful example to set,’ added another, while a third pondered, ‘Jenny and Lee don’t live together, do they?

    TV bosses and Gogglebox stars have now stepped in to clear up any confusion.

    A channel 4 spokesperson revealed that the scenes had been filmed prior to Boris Johnson’s lockdown announcement.

    Later, Jenny and Lee confirmed that they made the decision to self-isolate together, telling Twitter, ‘Well what can we say it’s Friday and it’s still on #Gogglebox 👏👏👏👏Jenny and me watching together as we are both on lockdown TOGETHER friends with no benefits I may add 😂😂an hour of laughs stay safe stay well #StayHomeSavesLives.’

    Some fans were sure to hit back at any suggestion that the Gogglebox stars were snubbing the lockdown rules, insisting it’s obvious that many of the cast live with one another.

    How thick are some people? Ofcom complaints regarding social distancing not being adhered to on Gogglebox now?! First it was Eamon & Ruth on This Morning & now Gogglebox. They literally live together. It is the whole concept of the show.’