Holly Willoughby slammed by fans for breaking social distancing rules

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Holly Willoughby was slammed by This Morning fans after she broke the programme’s strict social distancing rules live on air today.

The iconic morning telly host and her co-presenter Phillip Schofield have been continuing to bring us the joys of the ITV chat show throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

But with the Covid-19 health crisis sweeping the nation, the on screen duo have been forced to keep their distance from each other in the studio at all times.

Holly and Phil have ditched their usual side-by-side stance and now spend the entire two and a half hour programme at least two metres apart.

But the vital precaution was thrown out the window during today’s instalment of This Morning, when Holly ran across the studio to Phil during a chaotic science experiment segment.

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Dressed in white lab coats, the pair were attempting to make paper clips float in water with the help of Scientist Zoe Laughlin.

While clever clogs Holly managed to do the trick right first time, Phil was having trouble.

Seemingly forgetting all about the global pandemic, Holly said, “Let me do it on yours, look,” before walking across the studio to silver fox Phil.

“Don't get so close, get back! Get back in your own area,” he yelled.

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Lots of viewers watching at home spotted the blunder too, with many taking to Twitter to point it out.

Great social distancing there. But I guess it's OK for these two,’ one jibed.

Holly just broke social distancing sack her 😂 #thismorning,’ joked a second, while a third chipped in to write, ‘TWO METRES HOLLY!! TWO METRES!! #ThisMorning.’

This comes after Friday hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes were forced to clarify some confusion, after This Morning fans were left wondering why they’re allowed to sit next to each other on air.

“In case you are new to This Morning, because obviously a lot of people would normally be at work, please don't panic that we're not social distancing,” Ruth explained.

"Obviously Phillip and Holly do - but we are married. As much as we bicker and you might not think we like each other.”

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