'Brought a tear to my eye' Holly Willoughby wows fans in her debut acting role

Holly Willoughby attends Piers Morgan's Christmas party

Holly Willoughby has once again shown she’s a woman of many talents, by teaming up with charity Cats Protection for her debut acting role. 

The This Morning host voices a mum whose son, Daniel, loses his cat - Casper - in a new festive advert for the charity. 

Sharing the news on social media, Holly, 39, wrote, ‘Feeling overwhelmingly honoured to have been asked to be the voice of ‘Mum’ in the new @catsprotection Christmas campaign... Based on the true story of one family and their little cat Casper ... such a magical and sweet tale reminding us of how important it is to microchip your pet…’

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In the clip, after Daniel writes a letter to Father Christmas asking for Casper to come home, Holly’s character experiences a stroke of luck when, thanks to Casper’s microchip, she receives a call saying he’s been found. 

The happy ending sees Daniel and Casper reunited, in what is undoubtedly a true Christmas miracle - especially as the tale is based on a true story! 

Unsurprisingly the heartwarming story went down well with followers on social media, with some even saying it moved them to tears. 

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One person wrote, ‘Well this is beautiful! Congratulations to the animation team and all involved!’ Another said, ‘Brought a tear to my eye. One of our late cats, Henry, did this. Turned out he’d gone back to our old house after we’d moved.’ 

And one user had experienced something similar - with another cat named Casper! They wrote, ‘Oh my god, I thought this trailer was about my family’s cat - also called Casper - who went on a similar journey. He passed away earlier this year - retired from adventures at the grand old age of 18. Maybe it’s something to do with cats called Casper?’

There’s no doubt the story of Casper is one close to Holly’s heart as she has two gorgeous cats of her own - Teddy and Bluebell!