‘I make two loaves of bread a week’ Holly Willoughby reveals son Harry has been helping her with new skill in lockdown

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  • Holly Willoughby has revealed shes been baking two loaves of bread during lockdown with son Harry.

    The TV presenter took part in an Instagram live where she showed her followers how she dyes her hair and also chatted about life in lockdown.

    And although she’s been fortunate enough to work through the pandemic, she is learning new skills from the TV studio and teaching them at home.

    She explained, ‘I’d never made a loaf of bread in my life and Phil Vickery on This Morning showed us how to make a loaf of bread that you didn’t need a bread maker for. It was the simplest thing in the world and now i’ve started making bread. I make two loaves a week. Harry helps me. He now knows how to make a loaf of bread and these are like life lessons. It’s so simple, and it’s like a massive, great big – I mean it’s impressive.’

    Holly, who has three children – sons Harry, 11, Chester, five, and daughter Belle, nine, with husband Dan Baldwin, spoke to Vogue about the homeschooling “madness”.

    Speaking about still working during the world health crisis, Holly said, ‘It’s weird because we’re on a real skeleton crew. This Morning is normally a hive of activity – you go in there in the morning and it’s like, there’s a little bit of every walk of life going on but it’s…quiet. and there’s you know, there’s only a few cameras. Phil’s there obviously, so you’re sort of waving at him down the end of the make up chair. She continued, ‘I’m doing my own make up. he’s doing his own make up which is one of the funniest things I have witnessed in my life. So it’s odd but I’m very grateful that I’ve got a job that I can go to work and carry on, I’m one of the lucky ones.’

    And when it comes to her beauty regime, Holly revealed a new focus. She said, ‘I’m going to be 40 next year so me looking after my skin is a really important thing. But I think when you’re younger you never think about your skin and all you think about is having a sun tan and your skin is going to have this invincible barrier and you’re going to stay looking young forever, so looking after my skin, and you know sun-protection is really important.’