‘You are so brave’ Holly Willoughby breaks down in tears live on This Morning during harrowing domestic abuse story

It was a difficult subject...

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby broke down in tears during Wednesday’s episode of the popular magazine show, after hearing stories of domestic abuse.

Life coach Eva Speakman, who has regularly appeared on the show, opened up about her experience at the hands of her ex-partner, to presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. At one point she said she was scared she had brain damage after ‘being head-butted three times’.

Holly struggled to hold back her tears as Eva explained the whole experience.

Eva said, "It was as I see it now, most definitely grooming. There are gifts, validations of being loved, having been bullied at school and having incredibly low self-esteem...

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“I had become somewhat de-sensitised to the verbal abuse, in that beginning when you are showered with love you are so invested and give so much trust, that is a form of grooming.

"But after a few months passed, it's the little things that have been said.”

She also emotionally explained how the head-butting incident left her in hospital, adding, “'I got head-butted three times, I remember hitting the deck.

“I hit the bar. I just remember excruciating pain I had never felt in my life, physically, so much pain physically. I was really frightened, I didn’t know what had happened. I said to my cousin, 'Help me, take me to the hospital', so she did.”

Holly Willoughby burst into tears after this revelation, struggling to continue with the interview as it was revealed that Eva’s ex also followed her to her parents’ house, and then broke her father’s nose.

Holly Willoughby

Credit: ITV / This Morning

She told Eva, “You’re the experts in this, and yet you’re living with this trauma inside. Well done, you are so brave. I am full of admiration for you, I really am.”

Eva was promoting her new show Dangerous Love which she hosts alongside husband Nik, and added, “The issue is I didn't talk about it enough, I didn't discuss it, it is painful.

“We will talk about it. I had very low self-esteem. This is how it happened to me. I now realise this and it's a great move for me and anyone watching - there is no shame associated.

“You are the victim not the perpetrator. It is not your fault. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of embarrassed for.”

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