Holly Willoughby mocked after This Morning blunder – before fans spot she’s actually right

Holly Willoughby this morning blunder maths mistake
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Holly Willoughby had a rather interesting morning earlier today – and she seemed to be happy by the end of it.

The This Morning presenter ended up being mocked earlier today as she appeared on the daytime talk show alongside co-host Phillip Schofield.

The presenter was left red-faced when she and Phillip hosted a game of It’s Behind You, where they see three at home callers winning cash prizes.

The first lucky caller was a massive £500, while the two subsequent contestants scooped a cool £350 each.

After the money-winning game was over, quick-thinking Holly added the players total joint winnings, informing viewers that the show had given out a huge £1,200 to contestants.

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However, co-presenter Phillip quickly corrected the Holly, letting her know that the total sum actually added up to an even bigger £1,300, not £1,200, after he was told the seemingly correct amount through his earpiece by a producer in the studio.

A embarrassed Holly cowered back on the infamous blue sofa, apologising for her miscalculations and telling viewers and This Morning staff that she was “bad” at maths.

However, loyal viewers quickly took to Twitter to argue that Holly had in fact been correct when she first calculated the answer, defending the host who had now been left rather red-faced.

'Why did they tell @hollywills she calculated the money won on Its Behind You incorrectly?’ wrote one viewer. ‘She was right god damn it!!! 500+350+350= £1200’.

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@hollywills you were right, It was £1200,’ added another fan, ‘whoever told you £1300 in the ear piece is rubbish at maths, £500 + £350 + £350 is £1200 babes well done.'

'It was £1200,’ commented another. ‘Holly you were right! Hope you find out,’ they continued, adding the hashtag, ‘#justiceforholly.'

Others added, ‘Holly was right, it’s £1200’ and ‘No she was right it was £1200’.

And after the show’s advert break, Holly revealed that she had been told she was right all along, telling viewers It was director Barry who had made the mistake.

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"I'm feeling very smug, I'm going to enjoy this moment,” said Holly.

"I said it was 1,200 and then I got told by Barry the director in my ear that I got it wrong,” she continued.

"He said 1,300 so loud and confident and it was wrong,” added co-host Phillip, who had also previously made fun of Holly.

"Barry... so I followed him down the rabbit hole and look what happened,” he continued, saying to Holly, “well done."

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