ITV viewers in stitches after Martin Lewis makes joke about coughing during his Money special

Martin Lewis coronavirus

Martin Lewis provided some much needed comic relief during uncertain times, as he joked about needing to cough.

The Martin Lewis Money Show saw a coronavirus special on Thursday.

During this episode, Martin and the team aimed to answer people's tweets about the coronavirus pandemic.

They put out a tweet which explained the reason for hosting the special. It read, 'The Martin Lewis Money Show is LIVE TONIGHT at 8.30pm for a Coronavirus special.

'Are you self-employed and worried about work, concerned about paying your energy bill or not sure what to do now schools are closing. If you have a question then tweet using #martinlewis'.

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But despite the serious nature of the programme, Martin Lewis was still able to make viewers laugh as he made a joke about needing to cough during the segment.

Due to widespread panic as a result of coronavirus, it seems people have been reluctant to cough or sneeze in public out of fear of judgement.

After answering a question from one viewer, he told the studio, "It's so funny, I need to cough on air. It would be less embarrassing to fart I tell you!”

One viewer shared the hilarious clip, writing, '#MartinLewis brilliant, made me laugh'

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Others were amused too, with another adding, '#Martinlewis coughing on tv “it would be less embarrassing to fart”.'

A third wrote, '"I need to cough on air. I swear it be less embarrassing to fart on air" - #MartinLewis  Sometimes you need a giggle when so many are anxious and stressed.'

And a fourth added, 'Proper tickled me #MartinLewis trying to cough and saying it’s less embarrassing to fart right now ... #TooTrue #MartinLewisMoneyShow.'

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