ITV viewers in stitches after Martin Lewis makes joke about coughing during his Money special

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  • Martin Lewis provided some much needed comic relief during uncertain times, as he joked about needing to cough.

    The Martin Lewis Money Show saw a coronavirus special on Thursday.

    During this episode, Martin and the team aimed to answer people’s tweets about the coronavirus pandemic.

    They put out a tweet which explained the reason for hosting the special. It read, ‘The Martin Lewis Money Show is LIVE TONIGHT at 8.30pm for a Coronavirus special.

    ‘Are you self-employed and worried about work, concerned about paying your energy bill or not sure what to do now schools are closing. If you have a question then tweet using #martinlewis’.

    But despite the serious nature of the programme, Martin Lewis was still able to make viewers laugh as he made a joke about needing to cough during the segment.

    Due to widespread panic as a result of coronavirus, it seems people have been reluctant to cough or sneeze in public out of fear of judgement.

    After answering a question from one viewer, he told the studio, “It’s so funny, I need to cough on air. It would be less embarrassing to fart I tell you!”

    One viewer shared the hilarious clip, writing, ‘#MartinLewis brilliant, made me laugh’

    Others were amused too, with another adding, ‘#Martinlewis coughing on tv “it would be less embarrassing to fart”.’

    A third wrote, ‘“I need to cough on air. I swear it be less embarrassing to fart on air” – #MartinLewis  Sometimes you need a giggle when so many are anxious and stressed.’

    And a fourth added, ‘Proper tickled me #MartinLewis trying to cough and saying it’s less embarrassing to fart right now … #TooTrue #MartinLewisMoneyShow.’

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