Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle: Their relationship history so far

Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle at the launch of NFL House in London
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Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle have sparked rumours they are back together and some sources even claim the couple are planning to have another baby!

Fans are questioning the relationship status of Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle after the Girls Aloud singer and former NFL player were spotted leaving the Strictly Come Dancing studios holding hands… 

Jason, 42, is one of the stars of the 18th series of the BBC dancing competition and recently opened up about 35-year-old Nadine’s support. 

Appearing on Lorraine, Jason said, ‘She’s got the moves, she knows exactly how to get through these routines. She’s always been in my corner. Her support has been so special during this time.’

So, with an on/off relationship that’s lasted more than a decade, could this be the time that sticks for Jason and Nadine? 

Are Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle married? 

Jason and Nadine are not married, but they have been engaged before. Their short-lived engagement only lasted a year before Nadine got cold feet. 

Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle at a Brit Awards after party in 2009

Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle at a Brit Awards after party in 2009. Credit: PA

She told Fabulous, ‘I got with Jason when I was 23 and [got] engaged, and I suddenly thought, “Hang on. I can’t get married, I’m only 25,”

When did Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle first meet and when did they split? 

Jason and Nadine met in the US in 2008 while she was living there.. They got engaged in 2010 but split briefly before getting back together in 2014. 

It’s thought that they called time on their relationship again in 2019, before Jason signed up for Strictly Come Dancing. 

Nadine told The Sun last year, ‘Obviously Jason and I spent a long time together, but we are very, very close. I wouldn't get a chance to miss Jason! I see him, like, three times a day. I think it came naturally, to be honest. It can come to a situation where you're almost [just] really, really good friends, so that can change the dynamic of a relationship. Jason and I are very, very close in that way. We're more friends than in a romantic sense.’

What is Jason Bell and Nadine Coyle’s daughter called and how old is she? 

Jason and Nadine are parents to daughter Anaíya, six, who was born on 10 February 2014. Although Nadine gave birth to Anaíya while she was living in Los Angeles, she soon shut down her bar - Nadine’s Irish Mist - and moved back to Ireland to raise her.

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Nadine previously opened up about co-parenting with Jason, telling Hello!, ‘This feels like the right way to do it. As a mother, sometimes you feel like you're doing everything. This way, Jason can stand up and be counted and do his part as a father and not rely on me to do everything. I think he's a better parent in this situation.’ 

Jason Bell’s NFL career and net worth

Jason started his career in the National Football League (NFL) in 2001 when he signed as an undrafted free agent to the Dallas Cowboys. He moved to the Houston Texans in 2002, before relocating again to the New York Giants in 2006. 

In 2008 Jason retired from the sport after suffering a career-ending injury and subsequently undergoing surgery. Discussing his retirement, Jason confessed it sent him into a ‘dark’ depression. 

He said, ‘It was a dark place - you’re never ready for it,” he said. “No matter how much planning you do, you prepare for the end of your career, it’s so unexpected.’

Jason’s net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is an estimated £58m. 

Who did Nadine Coyle date before Jason Bell? 

Before meeting Jason Nadine was in a relationship with actor Jesse Metcalfe, who is perhaps best known as the ‘hot gardener’ from Desperate Housewives or for playing the title character in John Tucker Must Die

They met in 2006 when Girls Aloud were on tour and Nadine moved to America when she was just 21 to be closer to Jesse, now 41. 

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But a year into their relationship Jesse checked into rehab to deal with an addiction to alcohol, just before rumours of Jesse’s infidelity started to surface. 

Nadine and Jesse split in 2008 and she revealed she regretted leaving him when he was struggling, telling Now, ‘He had a horrible time going to rehab and it was all too much for me. I blocked it out of my life and decided not to be a part of it and that’s wrong. That’s not something you should do if you love somebody.’

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