'Help I can't stop eating' Joe Wicks admits he's just like us when it comes to family isolation

Joe Wicks reveals he struggles to curb his eating when he's staying at home and gives his tips on how to combat it.

Joe Wicks
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Joe Wicks admits he "can't stop eating" during lock down.

The Body Coach who is getting the world moving with his virtual PE lesson work outs, is struggling to stop snacking.

He told his Instagram followers during a moment of reflection, 'I'm disciplined, but during this lockdown I've just not stopped eating, I'm grazing, I'm having days where I'm just going to eat whatever I want, I'm going to eat as much as I can then I'm going to the cupboard and eating biscuits, crips and loads of fruit.

'I'll eat a whole bag of satsumas for no apparent reason other than boredom, filling those hours in between meals and there's a lot of time to fill and we often turn to food.'

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He reassured everyone that they're not alone, and added, 'It's a very common thing that when we experience anxiety, stress or uncertainty we lean to food, it's a comfort, it makes us feel good but ultimately the reason I'm sharing this message is that you're not alone, don't feel bad, guilty or ashamed.'

In explaining how he feels, Joe explained, 'I woke up today thinking I'm going to eat just what I need - three meals a day, sensible portions and I have a little square of chocolate then I start eating a block of cheese and a bowl of cereal out of nowhere and I think just keep going. But the important thing is I'm still exercising six days a week. I'm not just consuming loads of energy and doing nothing with it, I'm using it for exercise and staying fit, staying mentally strong through the fitness things i'm doing with PE with Joe which is giving a little structure to my day.'

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What is Joe Wick's advice for combatting hunger?

He went on say it's difficult but it was important to keep moving if eating more. 'You don't want to come out of this pandemic feeling lethargic, overweight, unconfident, and your mental health suffering, you can use this time to come out feeling fitter and stronger. You've got more time to cook food and prep meals, to train at home and do what is good for your body and your mind. You can come out of this fitter, stronger and healthier.'

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Joe, who is dad to daughter India, two and son Marley, aged three months, gave this challenge to everyone is, 'Start the day with a workout, whether it's a walk, a bike ride or yoga class,' to lift mood and burn energy.

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