Joe Wicks surprised his mum with an utterly incredible gift after making it big

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If you weren't already aware of him, it's likely you will have heard of Joe Wicks over the past couple of months.

The Surrey born dad-of-two is one of the most influential social media stars out there and the fitness pro, known online as The Body Coach, has been a driving force in keeping the nation feeling positive throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The digital sensation, who rose to fame with his innovative "Lean in 15" meal initiative on Instagram and has raised over £100,000 for the NHS with his virtual PE lessons in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis lockdown.

Having made a fortune flogging fitness plans and nutrition advice and writing cookbooks all while becoming a household name and regular telly face, Joe has now revealed the incredible gift he was able to buy for his mother.

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After his parents lent him £2,000 in order to get his business venture off of the ground, Joe has certainly paid his mum back.

“I’m eternally grateful for every single person who followed me and bought one of them books for themselves or family member. That changed my life, I never in a million years predicted we’d sell anywhere near that many books,” he said on his Instagram story.

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“It allowed me to do the one thing I think most boys dream of doing when they earn a bit of dough - buy your mum a house.”

Explaining the heart warming meaning behind the lavish gift, Joe went on, “My mum’s always lived in a council house, we’ve never had mortgages, it wasn’t on the radar for us.

“So when I could take that money I earned from that book and say ‘Mum, I’m buying your house. It’s yours,’ that was an amazing moment for me. That’s something she ’s always dreamed of.”

“She’s wanted to own something, so she lives there and she’s so happy.”

What a special son!

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