John Lewis and Waitrose introduce adorable new character in first joint Christmas advert

It's finally here!
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  • John Lewis and Waitrose have introduced an adorable new character in their first joint, much-anticipated Christmas advert.

    The countdown to this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert is officially over.

    This year the high-street department store, who transport us all into a dreamy festive fairy-tale world every December, has teamed up with high-end supermarket Waitrose for their first joint Christmas advert.

    And the two iconic British stores have delivered what we think might be the most adorable John Lewis campaign to date, with the introduction of a heart-warming new character.

    Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 here!

    The sweet advert, which is set to a cover of REO Speedwagon’s ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by Dan Smith from the band Bastille, reveals the adorable dragon Excitable Edgar, who lives in a small village along with his best friend Ava.

    The two and a half minute long ad follows Edgar and Ava as they join the rest of the village in preparing festivities in the run up to the big day, but Christmas fanatic Edgar uncontrollably breathes fire every time he gets excited – and it’s adorable.

    This leads to him dissolving the other kids’ snowman when he goes to help with the carrot nose, melting the village ice skating rink when he zooms onto it , and obliterating the central Christmas tree at its lighting ceremony.

    john lewis christmas advert 2019

    This year’s advert introduces the adorable Excitable Edgar (Credit: John Lewis Partnership)

    After poor Edgar shuts himself off from the rest of the village because of his fire-breathing, best friend Ava brings him a gift to show him how much she cares about him – and it’s a Christmas pudding, so that he can put his pyro abilities to good use!

    It “ensures he plays a unique role in the spectacular village feast, lighting up Christmas in his own special way,” say John Lewis and Waitrose.

    john lewis christmas advert 2019

    The company wanted to highlight the importance of thoughtful gestures (Credit: John Lewis Partnership)

    So sweet!

    Craig Inglis, Partner and Customer Director at John Lewis & Partners, which includes Waitrose, said of the advert, “I’m delighted our two brands have come together for this year’s Christmas campaign.

    “It started from a spark of an idea – a little dragon’s excitement about Christmas – and became the story of how someone goes the extra mile for their best friend to give just the right gift.

    “It’s a funny, heart-warming story that will resonate with our customers as they seek out the perfect gifts for their loved ones this Christmas.”

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    Martin George, Partner and Customer Director at Waitrose & Partners, added, “The magic of friendship and making our loved ones feel special, are some of the most wonderful things about this time of year.

    “The Christmas pudding in the final scene is not just the showpiece of a spectacular feast which brings all the villagers together.

    john lewis christmas advert 2019

    Acceptance, togetherness and friendship are important themes in the story (Credit: John Lewis Partnership)

    “It’s a reminder that a thoughtful gesture – whether that’s a delicious meal or a special gift – can mean so much.”

    If you want to catch the TV premiere of the sweet advert, it will first air this Saturday 16th November during ITV’s The X Factor: Celebrity.

    We’re definitely in the festive spirit now!

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