Kate Garraway shares sad update on husband Derek’s condition as she reveals pain in carrying on life without him

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  • Kate Garraway has shared another heartbreaking update on her husband Derek Draper’s health battle.

    David is still in a coma in intensive care after fighting coronavirus.

    Although he no longer has the disease, Good Morning Britain host Kate has explained that he may never recover from the devastating impact the illness has had on his body.

    Speaking out about how she is trying to stay strong for her and Derek’s children, Darcey, 14, and ten-year-old Billy, Kate said, “The doctors have been urging me not to put my life on pause.

    “They’ve told me that I need to go back to work and create a routine in our lives again.

    “The children and Derek are all I’ve thought about and they’re the most important people in my life, but I must create structure and normality for the children, to clean the bath, put the plates in the dishwasher, and tidy the house.”

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    Speaking to Hello! magazine, the morning telly star went on, “I also need to get back to work so that I can provide for the children and we can do things together, to make them feel that the light hasn’t gone out of their lives, that there’s hope for the future.”

    This comes after Kate opened up about a gut wrenchingly sad moment in which she discovered an old message from Derek in a card.

    As she was packing a small suitcase with toiletries and clothes he would need in hospital, Kate made the sweet discovery.

    “I opened it up and there was a card he’d written for me, which I’d read at the time. It says how much he loves me, how proud of me he is, and that he was feeling so good about us. It was just so romantic and it feels so odd reading it now he’s in this state.”

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