'He will love it!' Katie Price reveals what she wants to do for Harvey’s 18th birthday

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Katie Price has revealed what she'd like to do with Harvey following his 18th birthday.

Katie Price's son Harvey turned 18 on 27th May, and she has revealed what she'd love to do with him following lockdown.

Because of lockdown, Harvey had to celebrate his 18th at home and Zoom with his family, but mum Katie has bigger plans.

Speaking to New magazine, Katie said, "After lockdown I can't wait to take him to a nightclub - he will love it.

"I'll wind him up and say 'do you want a beer, Harv?'"

The mum-of-five revealed Harvey doesn't know what beer is, and would prefer a softer option.

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She added, "Not that he even knows what it is, but he goes, 'no, just Ribena'."

Katie shared a lengthy tribute to her eldest son to celebrate his birthday, alongside several photos of him.

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Harvey is the son of Katie and ex Dwight York, and has Prader-Willi syndrome.

According to the NHS, this is a rare genetic condition that 'causes a wide range of physical symptoms, learning difficulties and behavioural problems'.

In Katie's Instagram update, she praised her son for 'defying all odds' and 'not letting his disabilities stop him'.

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She added, 'They said you’d never be able to read, but you love reading to your younger brothers and sisters. 'Your talent has no boundaries with your artwork on public display at Gatwick airport, designed your own greeting cards for Anna Kennedy Online and raising funds for the NHS by designing your own T-shirt. '

Katie went on to praise Harvey's sense of humour and skills, saying, 'You light up a room with your unique humour and you have everybody in stitches. 'You keep me entertained with your diverse taste in music and keyboard skills, from Beethoven to Queen. 'Harvey Price, you make me so proud every single day. '

Harvey is even in talks for his own YouTube channel, which we're sure is very exciting!

Earlier this month, Katie reunited with all five of her children after six weeks apart.

Despite lockdown having its challenges, we're sure the family were pleased to be reunited.

We hope that Harvey gets to enjoy his 18th birthday as soon as lockdown is over!

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