Lisa Snowdon opens up about coronavirus battle that left her bedbound amid wedding cancellation heartbreak

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Lisa Snowdon has opened up about her battle with coronavirus.

The TV presenter and former model fell ill with Covid-19 virus last month and has spoken out about the nasty impact it had on her and fiancé George Smart.

“I feel so grateful to be out of bed and just to be able to breathe properly. The pain was so bad in my lungs, I literally felt like someone was sitting on my chest.

“George had a fever on Friday and luckily I had a Peppa Pig thermometer in the first aid kit that I bought years ago for the kids,” she told new! magazine.

“I took his temperature and it was raging high, really scary high, and I thought it was flu. He had a headache, he didn’t have a cough, he had a fever.”

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In light of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, Lisa and George have been forced to call off their wedding, which was set to be held in Japan later this year.

The 48-year-old Essex star and her future husband have been engaged since 2016 and are naturally totally gutted by the news that their big day isn’t going ahead.

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“It is heartbreaking having to cancel our wedding and we’d hoped we’d get married in Japan, but now George and I are going with the flow,” Lisa said.

“We don’t even really discuss it and we are going to leave it until next year, there’s no point in planning anything and everything has been put on hold.”

Lisa's fans have been making sure to send their kind words following her and George's recovery.

'So glad that you are both feeling well😍😍😍,' one wrote on social media.

'Good to hear you are both on the mend,' agreed another sweet commenter.

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