Louise Redknapp reveals why her sons still hold out hope for a reunion between her and ex-husband Jamie

Louise and Jamie Redknapp’s split in 2017 came as sad news for everyone – none more so than their two children, Charley, 16, and Beau, 11.

On the surface the boys have dealt with the turbulent time brilliantly, more recently dividing their time during lockdown between the two parents.

But Louise has admitted they are ‘vocal’ about wanting their mum and dad to get back together.

With the couple’s friendship back on track and the pair able to happily co-parent the boys, could there be a chance for these two to rekindle their romance?

Back together

Seeing parents separate is undoubtedly hard on kids, so it’s no surprise the boys are holding out hope that they might come together again one day.

Louise admits the conversation initially arose when her elder son Charley gave her the go-ahead to start dating again – something she didn’t see coming. ‘My eldest is 15 and super-protective over me. But he knows he can talk to me about anything and doesn’t need to be embarrassed, I’m so open.

‘One morning he said to me, “If you ever did want to go on a date, I’d be OK with it.” It was actually a big moment as he’d always been quite vocal that I’d never go on a date.’ Although, she says, deep down she knows that’s not what he wants: ‘They [the boys] always hope their mum and dad will work things out.’

A happy place

Despite the breakdown of their 19-year marriage and the heartbreak that followed, Louise, 45, and Jamie, 47 – now divorced – have found a happy medium of ‘sharing’ the load.

‘I’m able to do the job I can do because he’s happy to share things with me. I have friends who don’t have that, but he’s hands on,’ she says.

And co-parenting during lockdown has meant neither of them were on their own. ‘We have a great system of co-parenting between us. Our rule is that while one of us is working the other is with them. We both want the kids all the time and encourage the other to go out so we can have them.’

Feeling lucky

Although she said she was ‘losing herself’ after becoming a ‘Stepford wife’ towards the end of their marriage, Louise doesn’t have a bad word to say about Jamie. She has insisted, ‘He’s a fabulous dad, I’m really lucky.’

While Jamie briefly moved on with now ex-girlfriend Lizzie Bowden, Louise is yet to find love again and describes herself as ‘very single’. ‘I’m very single at the moment, which is not a good thing,’ she says.

And it’s clear she still has a lot of love for football pundit Jamie. ‘I’m a real softie, and I still want to be his best friend, which is impossible,’ she says.

Memory lane

While Louise says she wants to be ‘best friends’ with her former husband, does the ex-Eternal star want more from her ex? She’s made no secret of the fact she still loves him, saying, ‘How could I still not love him? He’s the father of my boys.’

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And just weeks ago she shared a cryptic post on Instagram, which read, ‘Please don’t be in love with someone else.’

An insider tells us, ‘Louise has feelings for Jamie, of course she does, he is the father of her children.’

And, with the former couple’s wedding anniversary in June, memories and thinking about what could have been may be stirred.

‘She’s been feeling particularly emotional with what would have been their 22nd wedding anniversary,’ the source adds.

‘Their wedding is still one of the best days of her life, and it’s been making her think a lot about the past. Milestones like this often leave people questioning and thinking about what could have been, I guess Louise is no different.’

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