Louise Redknapp opens up on lockdown struggles amid heartache

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  • Seeing your ex move on is never easy, let alone when you are in 
the public eye and, for Louise Redknapp, witnessing former professional footballer and now TV pundit Jamie – the father of her two children – getting serious with new girlfriend Frida Andersson Lourie appears to be too much to bear at times.

    Given the speed at which their relationship seems to be moving, it’s not surprising that Louise, 46, is reportedly ‘crumbling’. The singer has confessed she is struggling during the third national lockdown – so could Jamie’s happiness 
be making her feel lonelier than ever?

    A source tells Woman, ‘Louise is trying to throw herself into work, but lockdown is the worst time to be going through this kind of heartbreak.’

    A difficult time

    It’s thought to have come as a blow to Louise when she heard Jamie, 47, and Frida, 37, were getting serious – especially as Woman previously reported the former married couple could be growing close again.

    An insider says, ‘I think Louise is struggling. That might be why we’re seeing cryptic quotes and the sexy selfies she’s been posting. I wouldn’t blame her for trying to show Jamie what he’s missing. 
In her heart, I think she’s 
still crumbling.’

    While Louise and Jamie continue to put on a united front – staying amicable for the sake of their two boys – she’s said to be hurting under the surface.

    Our source adds, ‘Lou feels like a total fool. She really thought there was something there with Jamie and that things might work out, but 
it turns out his head is in a different place.’

    New Year struggles

    While many people will have started the New Year with a clean slate, armed with fresh goals and resolutions for 2021, Louise candidly confessed she wasn’t feeling as positive.

    Writing on social media, the former Eternal star said, ‘I’m definitely struggling at the moment so just wanted to say let’s all try and stick together, stay strong, stay positive and remember you’re not alone. There is always someone to talk to!’

    Louise’s honest post came as the country plunged back into national lockdown for a third time this January – something she admits she found difficult last year.

    ‘It feels like it’s been going on for a long time now. I think the longer it goes on the more we panic about jobs, and for me it can be quite lonely,’ she said.

    Staying in touch

    While the couple called time on their 19-year marriage in 2017, after Louise’s successful stint on Strictly Come Dancing, Louise and Jamie’s lives are still connected.

    ‘We speak every day because the kids do a million things. We live five minutes from each other and, when you’ve got children, your lives are very much intertwined,’ she previously said. ‘I still want to be his best friend, which is impossible.’

    But with Frida becoming a more constant fixture in their blended lives, it could get harder for Louise and Jamie to share the friendship they once enjoyed.

    This may explain why Louise is trying to stay ‘busy’, avoiding too much time to reflect on all she’s lost in the past year – including the creativity that comes with the job she loves. But there’s only so much work she can do right now.

    Our source adds, ‘All she wants is to snuggle up on the sofa during the long, 
dark evenings. Jamie’s all right, he’s never 
on his own. But Lou feels bereft.

    ‘Life was so exciting after she made the brave decision to stand on her own two feet. But the heady days of Strictly, and even her comeback record, seem a long time ago. It’s a year since she was singing, dancing and looking ahead to happy days.’

    Having reignited her passion for performing in recent years, it’s no surprise Louise wants to be back in her happy place – on stage with her band. ‘I can’t wait to get back doing what makes me happy,’ she mused.

    You’ve got this, Louise.