X-Factor’s Lucy Spraggan reveals the secrets behind her weight loss

"I am the best version of myself"

Lucy Spraggan

Musician Lucy Spraggan hit back at trolls on Instagram this week, as she reveals she lost three dress sizes

This week on Instagram, X Factor star Lucy Spraggan revealed her amazing body transformation. In almost a year, the 2012 contestant has lost over three dress sizes through a rigorous gym routine.

Her personal trainer, Ryan Bradley was quick to congratulate the singer on her achievement, “Two photos, 11 months apart…what this woman has achieved in that time is nothing short of remarkable, not just physically but also in her sobriety and the clarity that brings, it makes me doubly happy to be part of this journey not just as her coach but as her friend. Well done Luce, here’s to the next chapter and beyond!”

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However, online trolls were quick to dive in on the singer and soon after posting a (now deleted) photo, Lucy was hit with mean comments. Such as, “You dress like a 50yrs old lawyer who’s due in court… you’re only young but your dress sense is terrible, you’ve done so well in getting yourself healthy but why change what you wear, you’ve changed to much of yourself. Surely your old taste in clothing was more real?!”

Lucy was quick to hit back at the haters though, pointing out that she had been dressing the same way since before she lost the weight. She wrote on Twitter, “I have no idea why losing weight has encouraged people to make open comments about me. Stop it.”

In a heartfelt post on Instagram, she took a screenshot of the nasty comments.

Underneath she wrote, “Everybody evolves, some people devolve, but the fact is we are always changing. And that is fine, that is natural. Right now I am the best version of myself I’ve ever been and I’m working incredibly hard to keep that going.”

“The amount of messages I get telling me I’m not ‘real’ anymore is so frustrating - and honestly that is a projection of the person who sends the message. I was depressed, I was down, I was a bit fat and maybe I made them feel like it was ok to be the same (which it is).

“But since then I have evolved, and it is not for those people to try to claw me back into the dark/down places so they can watch me struggle and feel more comforted. ‘Real’...Bored of being ripped apart by people whose intentions are supposedly ‘good’.”

You tell them, Lucy.

How did she lose the weight?

Musician Lucy Spraggan appeared on Lorraine in August last year, and spoke to stand-in host Christine Lampard about her lifestyle changes. According to Lucy Spraggan, her body transformation was a result of a ‘lifestyle overhaul’. She explained: "I’m quite good at doing things to an excess.

"I'm not drinking at all at the moment so that makes a big difference. But with regards to weight loss, beer bread and biscuits for me, I had to knock them on the head."

Lucy stated that her recent weight loss has had a positive effect on her mental health. "I feel much better, I think I was in a really bad place for quite a long time.

"I’ve always been very open about it, and I think looking back at pictures of me before, physically I could see that I was in a really bad place". She added.

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Lucy had posted a picture of herself to Instagram before appearing on Lorraine, with many fans noticing her transformation.

Her comments were flooded with positive messages, with one fan writing: "Looking amazing! I gave up carbs and alcohol and lost 2 stone and I don’t look bloated and fat faced anymore! Always loved your music and unique style plus your so down to earth!"

"You look amazing 😍🔥" wrote another fan.

Another agreed, adding: "I hope you feel better in yourself Lucy. You do look well in this picture well done 👏👏👏".

Following her transformation, Lucy told Christine that her positive attitude has been a big help even during bad days. She explained: "It's just important to realise how you feel. Some days are awful, and it is easy to go to bed thinking that.

"It's hard to go to bed and say, 'I made it through today and that's a successful thing."

Lucy Spraggan’s fifth album Today Was A Good Day was released in May last year, and she spoke to Christine at the time about the release of the latest album alongside her weight loss.

It’s so nice to see Lucy doing well!

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