Mark Wright reveals the adorable name he and Michelle have planned for their first child

It's very sweet!
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  • Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have always spoken about their desire to have a family in future.

    But it seems the couple, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last month, already have a potential baby name lined up.

    During a radio interview with Heart FM, Mark revealed to host Robbie Williams that – while he and Michelle are not trying for children just yet – they have decided what they want to name their first daughter.

    It also just so happens to be the name of one of Robbie’s children – so Mark took the opportunity to get the Take That star’s approval.

    The former TOWIE star revealed that their chosen name was Theodora – the same as Robbie’s seven-year-old.

    Mark said, ‘I’ve got something to ask you actually, in case this happens.

    ‘Me and my wife, we’re not trying for kids yet, I’m gonna state that, however we hopefully one day will have kids and she loves both “Teddy” and “Theodora”, right, and said – I mean she saw a picture I think of you and the family – and said “Oh I love that name so much.”‘

    He continued, ‘I’m asking you, if it comes to it and she wants to call the kid Theodora or Teddy, are you gonna be alright with that?’

    mark wright and Michelle keegan

    The couple have been married for five years (Credit: Phillips/Getty Images)

    Of course, Robbie happily gave his blessing and revealed that he had been inspired to choose the name after musician Keith Richards picked it for his daughter.

    Robbie said, ‘Listen… it was Keith Richards has a daughter called Theodora and I remember back in the day, maybe 20 years ago, thinking what a beautiful name.

    ‘So I stole it from Keith Richards so don’t you worry about that. Also, you can have the “Theodora” but Teddy is Teddy and she will always be Teddy to me.

    ‘Mum – Ayda – made me call her the long name just in case she wants to be a professional of some sort but she’s just Teddy, you know.’

    Robbie has four children with his wife Ayda Field – seven-year-old Teddy, five-year-old son Charlton, one-year-old daughter Colette and four-month-old son Beau.

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