Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis forced to defend wife Lara Lewington against trolls for very sad reason

Martin Lewis

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has been forced to defend his wife Lara Lewington against very cruel comments from trolls on social media.

The TV presenter is notoriously private about his personal life, but has been forced to defend his wife after trolls called Lara a 'gold digger'.

He wrote in response to a comment that has now been deleted, 'I know you think it's a joke, but actually it's offensive both to me and my wife - you're accusing her of being a gold digger.
'We've been together for 15 since way before MSE was owt big. And the mutual support and love we give each other is part of where we both are now.'
Many of Martin's fans were quick to comment on the issue, with one saying, 'Omg.... what is wrong with people.....'
Another wrote, 'Just ignore him - Martin you are doing a fabulous job and in my opinion should be in the House of Lords for your service as you speak up for, represent and champion the best interests of the general public - and well done Lara - you’re a great team.'
Debbie McGee, who was married to magician Paul Daniels, also supported Martin's comeback, saying she suffered from the prejudice throughout her marriage.
She wrote, 'suffered from this for so many years. The peple who make stupid comments have probably never been in love. It took a long time before people accepted that I married Paul because I loved him.'

Martin and Lara when he was awarded an OBE for services to consumer rights and charitable services (Credit: Getty)

Martin and Lara have been married since 2009 and share one child together - litte Sapphire, who they welcomed in 2012.

While he rarely shares news about his personal life, he did open up about his daughter shortly after she was born.

He wrote at the time, 'Her name is Sapphire Susan Lewis and while she weighs a wee 6lb 6oz, her weight in joy is immeasurable. Last night was her first one at home and it was quite exhausting (I think she's operating in a US time zone for some reason), though worth every second.

'Mrs MSE and I would like to thank everyone who has sent their best wishes. We're overwhelmed and feel very fortunate at the volume of messages, though I'm sure you’ll forgive us not responding individually, as at the moment we're going to spend our time concentrating on feeding, cuddling and nappies. Many of you have asked to see a picture. I hope you'll understand that we've decided not to put any pictures of her in the public space. Though for a description, I can say without any fear of contradiction, she is quite the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.'

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