‘Straight in the feels!’ People are loving this very emotional Christmas advert that only cost £55 to make

Get the tissues ready...
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  • Director Phil Beastall received praise for his £50 Christmas advert last year, which some even said was ‘better than John Lewis’. Now, he’s back with a very emotional short film…

    Taking to Twitter, the filmmaker shared a new Christmas video called Made For You which explores a long distance relationship between two men who keep in touch through messages and FaceTime conversations.

    Then, the pair is reunited on Christmas Day for a truly tear-jerking moment between them, as one gets down on one knee and proposes. So sweet!

    In his caption, Phil wrote, ‘Christmas is a time for happiness, love and belonging. I’m excited to share this year’s Christmas film. From all of us at Anzara…Merry Christmas! X’

    His post received a lot of attention from Twitter users, claiming that he’d ‘done it again’.

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    One wrote, ‘Just wonderful, made me smile, laugh & cry. You truly have a gift. I was so looking forward to seeing this and you didn’t disappoint. 👏🏻💖’

    Another added, ‘Phil I’m not an overly emotional person but you got me again! You sure know how to tug the heartstrings, beautiful story ❤️❤️’

    A third wrote, ‘Great work @philbeastall love your style. So natural and effortless! Zero distractions from the message. Straight in the feels! I’ve never said but ‘Love is a gift’ is Epic!! Keep em coming!’

    He confirmed that his mum even starred in this film, as he replied to a comment asking if he was in the video. Phil wrote, ‘No, it’s @KaneSurryand Petter Lofsgaard. Oh…and my Mum’.

    Phil’s original short film, Love is a Gift, was uploaded in 2014 and went viral last year. It has since received millions of views, and has warmed the hearts of viewers everywhere.

    His budget has since increased by £5.50, as he revealed on Twitter that the 2019 version cost a whole £55.50 to make.

    One comment read, ‘This video makes me cry every time I watch it. So powerful. Keep your loved ones close’

    Another added, ‘A reminder that Xmas isn’t about how much you spend or how much you want, it’s not about material goods it’s about those that matter to you, those you’ve lost, and to appreciate those you have now.’

    It seems like Phil has perfected the art of tugging at the heartstrings, as his second Christmas short has brought people to tears as much as the first one did.

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