‘I’m still struggling every day’ Olly Murs opens up on how losing his best friend Caroline Flack earlier this year has affected him

In February, Caroline Flack sadly died at the age of 40. And one of her best friends, Olly Murs, has confessed that her death has left a massive hole in his life, and he still hurts every day.

The grieving pop star, who Caroline called her ‘soulmate’, confessed on Vicky Pattison’s The Secret To podcast, ‘It still hurts every day thinking about what she must have gone through. When you do lose someone that you care about and you love… I’m still struggling. For Caz not to be here any more, it’s hard. It’s difficult.’

Olly – who presented The Xtra Factor with Caroline from 2011 to 2013, as well as the 2015 series of The X Factor – added, ‘It doesn’t get [any easier], but I’m just fortunate I have so many great memories… So many amazing times with her that I can look back on. And I’m very fortunate a lot of it is documented and a lot of it is on TV.’

Her happiest moments

Olly, 36, and Caroline hosted The X Factor together for one series, after presenting spin-off The Xtra Factor as a duo, and he opened up on how a heartfelt message she sent him about their time working together still upsets him.

He asked people who knew him to ‘write something for me’ on his last tour – and Caroline replied instantly.

Olly recalled, ‘She said, “When I met Olly for the first time I felt like I’d met my soulmate. It was just like meeting someone I’d known all my life. I’ve never laughed as much as I did when we first hosted The Xtra Factor and that experience will always stay with me, forever”.’

He added, ‘It always gets me upset when I read it. For me, it made me realise the time we had together was one of her happiest moments.’

A special chemistry

Due to their flirty on-screen relationship, fans of Caroline and Olly were always questioning whether there was anything romantic going on off-screen too.

But Olly, who is now dating bodybuilder Amelia Tank, insists their relationship was more like that of a brother and sister – and it’s the only time he’s ever had that sort of friendship with anyone.

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He said, ‘We had fights. We had great moments together. We argued. We had everything. We just had a special chemistry. People thought we were together. We weren’t together.

‘We never, ever got together. We never ever pulled each other. We never did.’ He added, ‘We were just always like brother and sister. I don’t know, it was a weird friendship.

‘I’ve never experienced that level of friendship before. We had a chemistry and connection.’

Keeping her memory alive

Although Olly and Caroline didn’t speak every day, he confessed, ‘There’s a massive hole in my life without Caz in it.’

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To fill that hole, he has taken to looking through their WhatsApp conversations and listening to old voice notes she sent him, so he can hear her speaking.

Olly finished, ‘I just miss those moments of crazy stories where we’d WhatsApp or ring each other and have the most random conversations about the most random things. I’m going to miss that forever.

‘I know that goodbyes are not forever. I know I’ll see her again at some point so I look forward to that day.’

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