Robbie Williams leaves fans in hysterics as he tries to salvage his thinning hairline in hilarious way

Oh, Robbie!
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  • Robbie Williams left fans laughing when his wife Ayda shared a video of him trying to cover up his “thinning” hair.

    In the hilarious footage shared on Loose Women panellist Ayda’s Instagram account, the British pop icon can be seen attempting to thicken his locks with a bottle of hair salvaging powder.

    “I’m going thin on top, so I’ve bought some hair, there’s hair in here,” Robbie joked in the video, showing off his topless torso and tattoos.

    “It’s powder but it’s gonna be hair, so are you ready for this? Wish me luck.”

    Speaking from behind the camera, Ayda who married Robbie in 2010 can be heard saying, “I’m curious to see how this is going to turn out!”

    After tipping some of the bizarre stuff onto his head, Robbie turned to the camera to strike a pose, while Ayda remarked, “Just don’t stand in the rain or near a sprinkler and you’ll be good!”

    From Thinning to winning 🤣,’ the American actress wrote beside the funny video.

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    @robbiewilliams From Thinning to winning 🤣AWxx

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    Loads of Robbie and Ayda’s fans took to the comment section to share their reaction to the light hearted upload.

    Rob doesn’t need that, he looks great with his gray hair 😉😍,’ one wrote.

    You two always brighten up my day 😂💞,’ a second happy follower chipped in.

    Another commented to point out another hilarious issue with the anti-balding powder, ‘I use the same stuff too! It’s great until it starts raining 😂 (or somebody comments why I’m shaking pepper onto my head).’

    This comes after the couple left some of their fans cringing with a rather disgusting confession.

    Explaining they think it’s totally normal to do their business in both the shower and their friends’ swimming pools, former Take That star Robbie said, “I don’t often pee in the shower but I have.

    “It’s not one of the places I feel the need to pee,” he admitted to the Daily Star.

    “I peed the pool yesterday. I go to other people’s houses to pee in their pools.”

    Chipping in on the rather gross chat,  Ayda said, “I have peed in the shower too but it’s more of a dribble down as a female where as guys can aim. For sure in a pool as well.”


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