Rochelle Humes on ‘getting organised’ enough to document third pregnancy

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  • Rochelle Humes has vowed to document her bump growth as she claims she’s been too disorganised previously.

    Now, with the country in lockdown due to coronavirus, Rochelle said she has “no excuse” this time.

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    The Hit List star shared a series of four snaps on Instagram all showcasing her tiny bump.

    Alongside them she wrote, “Okay so I’ve never been organised enough before in my other 2 pregnancies to document my bump growth but, I definitely don’t have an excuse this time…

    “So here’s where I’ve started #18weekspregnant. You might still be small but you are so very loved already little man @marvinhumes.”

    And fans were quick to gush over how “beautiful” Rochelle looks.

    “You already look like you have “the glow,” said one fan. While another said, “You are so beautiful.”

    This Morning star Rochelle and husband Marvin Humes announced they were expecting their third child together over Easter.

    The pair already have two daughters – Alaia, six and Valentina, three – but are preparing to be outnumbered as they await the arrival of their third child, whom they have since revealed is going to be a baby boy.

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    While lockdown has been a scary time for most people, Rochelle confessed she’s been utilising the time to simply enjoy being pregnant.

    Opening up on how this time is different to her previous two pregnancies, Rochelle explained, “For me, I’ve had two pregnancies where I’ve had to sort of keep it secret and work, and be on TV.

    “I mean now is sort of the time you get a bit scared thinking there’s another one on the way, and we’re all in one house.”

    Tying to focus on the positives, she added, “It’s sort of been… obviously it’s a difficult time, but taking the positives it’s the first time I’ve been able to have a pregnancy and just sit on the sofa and eat nachos. It’s just lovely.”

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    Today we saw some little feet…💔👣💙

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    One thing Rochelle has been struggling with is severe morning sickness. And the star revealed she’s even been reduced to tears.

    Documenting her struggles earlier this month Rochelle wrote, “Today has by far been one of the hardest days to get through… this ‘morning’ (or all day sickness) really isn’t budging. I shut myself in the front room today and cried.”

    Hopefully it passes soon, Roch!