‘It’s been a dream of mine’ – Rochelle Humes plans to do this nail-biting beauty treatment on husband Marvin live on her Instagram tonight

Rochelle Humes has been given the go-ahead by brave husband Marvin to cut and shape his hair - after she reveals he's kept the same hairdresser for years.
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  • The TV star shared her delight at taking the opportunity during the Coronavirus pandemic to get her hands on her husbands locks.

    She told her followers on Instagram, “Marv and I have been together for 10 years and I have always said to him, please let me cut your hair. throughout the 10 years I’ve known him he’s had two barbers only – no one else has cut his hair. He had mike for so many years and he now uses Mark aka Slider Cuts, so he is very precious with his barnet, I mean there’s not a lot of it, but he’s very particular abut who touches it…”

    She continued, “We’re in isolation now and he’s got to the point where his hair does need a cut, it needs a cut every couple of days really and we’ve been in isolation since last Thursday so he needs a hair cut and I’ve never been so happy…it could end in divorce but I think I’m going to be good.”

    Marvin added, “The problem is she thinks she’s a barber but she’s never picked up a pair of clippers in her life! Basically I need a little trim, she thinks she’s shaping it but she ain’t. I’m not letting you near my head with a cut throat blade.”

    How will Rochelle Humes cut Marvin’s hair?

    Rochelle explained her plan involved tracing around his hairline with an eyebrow pencil. to which Marvin replied, ‘I’m just glad I’m going to be in the house for another couple of days because at least it’s going to grow out!”

    Rochelle uploaded a selfie of the pair and captioned it with the details of the Instagram live, which she has scheduled for 8.30pm… and added, “Just call me Rochy Cuts see you then.. #STAYHOMEWITHTHEHUMES”

    And celeb pal Emma Willis has admitted she too has a dream to cut husband Matt’s hair, she commented, “That’s on my to-do list too!”