‘WHAT IS THAT?!’ Rylan bought himself a vintage toy for Christmas but some fans have no idea what it is

Do you remember these?
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  • Christmas is full of fun activities and toys, but Rylan Clark-Neal divided opinion when he shared his recent purchase: a Mr Grasshead.

    Rylan took to Instagram to share his excitement about his new toy, writing, ‘Just bought myself one of these. As a kid was probably the most exciting thing getting up in the morning to see if it’s grown “hair” yet. This is my life now.’

    Many people shared Rylan’s excitement, saying that it had given them a dose of nostalgia and they remembered having one when they were younger.

    One wrote, ‘😂 I too loved these when I was a kid!’.

    Another added, ‘Omg blast from the past 😂’.

    And a third agreed, saying, ‘Ahh I used to love these 😊’.


    Credit: Hawkin’s Bazaar

    However, some fans had no clue what a Mr Grasshead was, and were completely baffled by his mysterious post, and why Rylan was so excited about it.

    One fan wrote, ‘Never seen anything like it in my life 😂’.

    Another simply asked, ‘What is it?’.

    A third seemed very shocked, adding, ‘WHAT IS THAT?! 😮’.

    Whether he’s an old favourite or you’re completely new to the concept, a Mr Grasshead is a fun toy that does exactly what it says on the box. It literally grows grass on its head when watered.


    Credit: Hawkin’s Bazaar

    SHOP NOW: Mr Grasshead, £6, Hawkin’s Bazaar

    According to Hawkin’s Bazaar, who sell Mr Grasshead toys, ‘Mr Grasshead is happy to be your permanent haircut volunteer, with his luscious green locks that continue to grow when properly looked after!

    ‘His large fist-sized head is stuffed full of saw-dust, with grass seed liberally sprinkled into the top so that when watered, grass sprouts like green hair. This can then be trimmed and styled to your heart’s content! A watering saucer is provided.’

    He’d make an ideal gift for plant lovers, or anyone who loves novelty toys this festive season. You could even give the gift of nostalgia if you know someone who had one of these!